AlphaSTAR Talks Allowable Generation of

FDM ULTEM 9085 at Rapid+TCT



At the upcoming Rapid+TCT Conference at McCormick Place in Chicago, AlphaSTAR’s Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Harsh K. Baid will be presenting ‘Thermo-Mechanical Analysis, Process Simulation and Allowable Generation of FDM Printed ULTEM 9085’.


This presentation will highlight a recent collaboration, conducted by AlphaSTAR and Northrop Grumman-Aerospace Systems. The focus will be to showcase how predictive simulations can be used to assess macro defects, deformations, and residual stress during and after the print process. Additionally, highlighting how multi-scale material modeling, provided by AlphaSTAR’s GENOA 3DP toolset, supports prediction of room temperature mechanical properties, thermal history and heat affected zones.


GENOA 3DP is an award-winning software offering unparalleled ability to model various additive manufacturing processes and materials across polymer and metal applications. Users can implement the effect of defects into their process simulation models, resulting in virtual precision of printed parts. The end result is the ability to identify optimal build plan and parameter settings for a quality build, in place of costly trial & error. The software can benefit machine operators looking for up front guidance on parameter settings, as well as CAE analysts for up front thermal and structural assessment of their printed parts.


You can attend Dr. Baid’s technical presentation at RAPID + TCT on Tuesday, September 14th @10:30am in Classroom C.


For more information and to learn how you can benefit from GENOA 3DP, a parameter driven AM simulation solution, be sure to stop by the AlphaSTAR booth #E8241.

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With GENOA 3DP users are able to:

  • Generate Process Thermal & Void Maps
  • Perform Multi-Scale Material Modeling
  • Utilize Powerful Thermal Modeling
  • Predict Toolpath Errors

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