Re: Alpha Financials is Live
To: All faculty and staff
Jan. 4, 2021
Hello, Campus Colleagues,

We are excited to announce that the Alpha Financials project team has successfully implemented the Oracle Cloud Financials System and that today the system is live! This critical project meets the key goals identified when Alpha Financials began working on it more than two years ago:
  • Implement a financial management system that can grow with UC Merced and aligns with our cloud-first strategy.
  • Meet the reporting needs of faculty and administrators.
  • Enable the Division of Finance and Administration to fulfill its mandate as steward of the campus’ financial resources and to provide excellent services.

The scale and effort of this project was colossal. Since April 2019, over 125 Alpha Financials team members have worked countless hours to develop a system that will assist campus users by:
  • Ensuring the university uses all financial resources effectively.
  • Assuring that all financial reports are accurate and timely, and that they meet any regulatory requirements.
  • Giving users expanded financial information in real time.
  • Aligning the university with the UC system Common Chart of Accounts.
  • Boosting the tracking and fulfillment capabilities of our ServiceNow request system.

Over the past several weeks, the Alpha Financials team worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition from legacy systems to our new Oracle Cloud Financials system. If you are a user of Oracle Cloud you will receive a separate email this morning from the Alpha Financials mailbox with instructions on how to log on and request support.

There has been a staggering amount of effort put into this deployment, and we would like to thank everyone for your contributions in achieving this milestone. Your hard work, time and commitment that made today’s success possible are truly appreciated.

We also ask for support and patience from the campus community as staff begin to transact in the new system. There is a significant learning curve that may lead to delays in responding to service requests. Please be understanding and supportive as these staff learn the new system and continue to provide the campus with support and services. 

Thank you again,

Gregg Camfield, Ph.D.          
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Kurt Schnier
Interim Chief Financial Officer