Aloha from Kauai! We want to finish 2018 strong. In this issue;
Cleanse and Align with me! Prev ent disease 4 steps, Clear Brain fog!
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Cleanse & focus with a
meditative breathing technique
Do this practice with me!

  1. Helps to balance hemispheres of the brain
  2. Supports clarity
  3. Regulates hormones
  4. Cleanses the channels of the body
Clear your head!
Neti reduces brain fog!
Have you ever had brain fog when your sinuses or nose was congested?
  Jala Neti is an ancient Ayurvedic (and yogic) self-care practice of washing the sinuses with warm salt water. This cleanses & flushes out mucus and debris from the nose and sinuses.
Neti is one of the ways to cleanse the sense organs, so that we may percieve the world around us with more clarity.
At first, it may seem a little different, but after you get used to it you will feel the benefits, especially if you have suffered from; colds, flu, respiratory disorders, sinus problems, stuffy nose or allergies. Doing neti will definitely improve your sinus health and your overall health too! Learn more here!
Prevent Disease, 4 steps
Recently in,   Promptly Eliminate the heat of Summer, so it doesn’t cause damage , I touched on the topic of how the time between seasons is a sensitive time. We are still there, in this delicate time.. 
Similarly, as we are part of nature, our internal channels are beginning to contract…
Our internal mana is beginning to recede from the surface as it descends deeper into our bodies until the springtime when that sweet incubated vitality emerges into the new life, new growth. By the way, we use this exact, deep wisdom-action of nature, to; dilate, lubricate and expand the tissues, (so that we can then pluck toxins out) in Ayurveda’s cornerstone cleansing and rejuvenation programs called Pancha Karma 
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