Together, We Improve the Life Chances of
Vulnerable Youth!

What an exciting time for AES! We are in the midst of creating a game changing Leadership Academy, launching our first annual fund campaign, and creating relationships with K-12, community colleges, the CSU’s, and local CBO’s. We are creating changes that will impact the lives of our young people.

The time is NOW! Our staff is ready to go. We are ready to make impact, and we look forward to your involvement in this movement. Join us in creating voice and positive change for all young people!
- Charles "CC" Carter, Executive Director
Listen As Our Young People Welcome YOU Home
Our Open House was an evening of celebration as young people
shared their stories of empowerment, the barriers they have overcome, and how YOU can help.
" My best friend committed suicide in high school.
I have struggled with depression ever sinc e."

" I need everyone in America to value my life as a young black man.
That is how we will truly make America great again together ."
As shared by Board Member Esmeralda Santos, "Our youth worked numerous hours to put this event together, and we could not be prouder of them. They indeed showed our community the heart of youth that drives us as an organization."

Attendees toured our new office and were invited to imagine the impact we can make, together, within the lives of vulnerable youth. If you would like to visit our new office, please contact us. We want to welcome you home!
Congratulations to Our Graduates!
This month we celebrate our AES and SYA youth who are graduating from
high school and college. We are thankful to be a part of their journey
and can't wait to see what they will do next!
Thank YOU for Improving the Life Chances of Youth!
A heartfelt thank you to our generous donors:
Fred Cunha
Orissa Kruse
Skyla Smith
Kay Ryan
Susan Twinning
H. Wesley Yee
And a generous donation made in honor of Patricia Masuda
Your Support Positively Impacts Young People
"I am a first generation Tongan college student who has never had any financial, physical, or emotional support to pursue higher education. I went from being self conscious in a predominately white institution to being able to use my personal story to empower individuals who experience similar struggles to my own." - Ana Taukolo, Pipeline Mentor
"Sacramento Youth Alliance Community Action Team has given me a platform to become a change maker in my city. I have learned from my peers and mentors about how to affect decision makers and create a sustainable future for young people in Sacramento." - Taylor Buck,
Sacramento Youth Alliance Coordinator
(916) 421-2880
1111 H Street, Suite 205
Sacramento, CA 95831