Success Stories
Recovering in the Community
A staff member worked with a consumer who experienced a fire in their apartment this month.

The fire caused extensive damage and the landlord told the consumer that they could no longer live there. We have been working with them to gather the needed documentation to submit to the housing program, so the consumer would be classified as homeless and in turn, become a priority to receive housing.

The staff member also referred the consumer to other housing resources, so they could explore all their options for obtaining temporary or permanent housing.
Setting a Budget
Our staff worked with a consumer who needed assistance with their utility bill due to unforeseen car expenses. We called Duke Energy with the consumer to figure out what they owed due to some confusion. We then called the Department of Social Services with the consumer.

After receiving no answer from DSS, we referred the consumer to a resource specific to Fuquay-Varina. The consumer was able to apply for financial assistance through this organization and receive the assistance they needed. 
Our vision is to see North Carolinians who experience a disability live in the communities of their choice and be empowered to address their own needs.

With your support, we can make that vision a reality!

Support Alliance of Disability Advocates today!

Casino Night
Our 2022 #CasinoNight has wrapped up and it was a tremendous success!

From all of us at Alliance, we'd like to thank our sponsors, volunteers, and guests for making this one of our best fundraisers in the community!

We will have more to share in the coming weeks, but for now, we want to say thanks for supporting our mission to serve North Carolinians who experience a disability through empowering, advocating, and advancing consumer-led and consumer-driven initiatives.
The Impact of Your Support
Did you know more than 50% of Alliance's staff and board members have a disability?

The impact of your support helps people with disabilities become more independent in their community. Check out the video below to learn how donations and community support enhance our mission.
Alliance of Disability Advocates - Resource of the Month
The Housing and Services Resource Center was created for people who work in the organizations and systems that provide housing resources and homelessness services.
This resource also benefits organizations with behavioral and mental health services, independent living services, and other supportive services, that are working to help people live successfully and stably in the community. 
This is a great resource for individuals in need of housing services. Click the link below for more information.
COVID-19 - Get Your Second Booster Shot!
Second doses of booster shots are available. Ensure you and your loved ones are protected from COVID-19.
woman and daughter smiling outside
You are eligible for a second booster shot if:

  • You are 50 or older and got your first booster shot at least FOUR months ago, or
  • You are 12 or older and have a compromised immune system, and got your first booster at least FOUR months ago, or 
  • You received a total of two shots of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least four months ago. 
Get a booster anywhere COVID-19 vaccines are available. Booster doses are free for everyone. No insurance or doctor's note is needed. 
For Questions, email us at:

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