June 6, 2018


Governor Bruce Rauner signed the Fiscal Year 2019 State budget into law on Monday. In a rare display of bipartisanship, the Illinois General Assembly approved a full year State budget - balanced and on time - on May 31. Details of the spending plan were contained in the last Alliance Legislative Report . Surrounded by legislators from both parties and from both chambers, the Governor presided over a bill signing ceremony in the James R. Thompson Center in downtown Chicago. Lawmakers are not slated to return to the Capitol until after the General Election in November.
HB 109 , the appropriations bill, is now Public Act 100-0586. HB 3342, the Budget Implementation Bill, is now Public Act 100-0587. They became effective upon the Governor's signature.
A provision in Public Act 100-0465, which contained the new Evidence-Based Funding formula, provided for the creation of the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Reform Task Force. The Task Force was charged with reviewing the benefits and costs of TIF districts, the interaction between TIF law and school funding, the expenditure of TIF funds, and the expenditure of TIF surplus funds. The Task Force held meetings in which representatives from local governments, education, private industry, nonprofit entities, and the economic development community provided testimony. The full Task Force Report can be viewed here.
The Illinois Statewide School Management Alliance and other school district organizations formed a working group to explore legislative changes to the TIF law. The Alliance gives special thanks to Ryan Linnig, Superintendent/Principal, Dimmick CCSD #175; and John Izzo, attorney, Hauser, Izzo, Petrarca, Gleason & Stillman, LLC, for taking time to present the group's recommendations to the Task Force members in Springfield in April. The Alliance will continue to pursue changes to the TIF law reflecting these and other TIF issues as they emerge. The working group's recommendations to the Task Force can be reviewed here.
A pair of two-day Student Behavioral Threat Assessment Workshops - provided at no cost - will be offered in separate locations next month. Presented by the Illinois School and Campus Safety Program and the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Executive Institute, participants will get a better understanding of the dynamics of targeted violence and the development of enhanced strategies for early identification, assessment, and intervention with potential dangerous situations. School administrators, board members, counselors, school resource officers, mental health agencies, and local law enforcement personnel are encouraged to attend.
The first event is scheduled for July 16-17 at Dunlap High School. Here are details and registration information. The second event is set for July 18-19 at Wredling Middle School in St. Charles. Here are details and registration information.
The Illinois Association of School Boards is still accepting proposals for the Resolutions and Delegate Assembly process. The submission period, which began April 1, will be closing June 20th. Any resolution submitted after that date is considered late and would take an extraordinary majority vote for approval.
Any school board may submit a proposal. Most resolutions call for specific positions to be take on legislation. Once submitted, the IASB Resolutions Committee vet the proposals and make recommendations to the Delegate Assembly. The IASB Delegate Assembly, comprised of one delegate from each school board, makes the final decision on all resolutions submitted. If approved by the assembly, they become a Position Statement and give IASB staff direction on legislative positions.
For more information on the resolutions process, an archived webinar can be viewed on the IASB website.