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Training courses are essential for using firearms safely and effectively, and we have a large selection of training packages for pistols and rifles to fit your needs. 
Both of our Handgun Training Classes also qualify for the State of Maine Concealed Carry Requirements. Our classes fill up quickly - they are available to view on our website for more information and to sign up. Here is a list of a few upcoming classes:
Available Dates:
Sunday, August 18 | 9a-1p
Wednesday, August 28 | 9a-1p
Saturday, September 14 | 9a-1p
(Meets Maine's Concealed Carry Requirements)

WISR’s Introduction to Modern Handguns course (4 hours) is designed to educate students in safe gun handling skills & use of handguns best suited for personal protection or home defense. Topics will include handgun safety, cycle of operation, vocabulary, caliber selection & accessories. This is a classroom only training
Sunday, August 11 | 9a-4p
Sunday, September 15 | 9a-4p
(Meets Maine's Concealed Carry Requirements)

Topics will include use of force laws, handgun safety techniques, stress shooting fundamentals, weapon management, effects of stress and survival mindset. After practical exercises in the classroom students will be provided the opportunity to develop skills on accuracy, trigger management and recoil management during a 200 round course of fire on the range. This course is ideal for new shooters or experienced shooters that want to revisit the basics.
Wednesday, August 14 | 3pm-4:30pm

One of the responsibilities of owning a firearm is the proper care and maintenance of your firearm .This 2 hour long class is designed to educate the gun owner in cleaning techniques to inspect and clean their firearm. Instructors will cover safety procedures, disassembly, inspection, cleaning, reassembly and lubrication. Additional information on cleaning tools and materials will be covered. 
Saturday, August 17 | 9am-1pm

Trauma First Aid is a 3-hour class designed to develop basic medical skills that can be successfully employed in life threatening situations in and out of the home. Management of traumatic injury until EMS can arrive is the focal point of this training. The class will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practical stations to include both self-aid and “buddy” aid. Whether you’re taking the course because of a past traumatic experience or a desire to be better prepared, this course will give you the skills to accomplish the mission.
Sunday, August 25 | 9am-4pm

This is a combined online and in-person course. The online Course requires that students complete the knowledge portion of the course online and attend a skills and exam day which is about 7 hours. Students complete quizzes and exam as they do the  online course  and are provided with a voucher to attend the skills and exam day upon completion of the online exam. Students must complete the online course and provide voucher number to register for the Skills and Exam Day. Students must also bring the voucher to the first class. Please visit  to complete the online portion of the course.
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We are proud members of Glock's Blue Label and Smith & Wesson's America's Guardians programs. These programs support those who protect and serve communities across the country and around the world. 

Qualified buyers will receive a discount on any Glock LE* or Smith&Wesson pistol of their choice, with up to two purchases per year. 
*Excludes colored pistols.
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