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Meet Sherry Colvin, owner/operator of The Patch Corner. Born and raised in Louisiana, Sherry was a Girl Scout girl who later moved to Missouri where she became a Girl Scout adult volunteer. Like all volunteers who bleed green, Sherry wore many hats including Troop Leader, SU Manager, Trainer, and a variety of SU Team functions. She moved to California and, in 2013, became who we affectionately call "The Boss" of The Patch Corner. Sherry is a lifetime member of Girl Scouting and has three daughters, all of whom have been full term Girl Scouts.
What is the best way to attach your patches to a garment? Well here's a fun little blog (we discovered by accident) that will answer that question. Just click HERE and read. We'll have more on the subject of iron-on vs sew-on in future editions of Patch Talk.
Everyone likes to save money so here's a tip for those buying products with quantity patches. Always do the math to make certain you're not paying more than necessary. To make this point clear, let's use an example.

EXAMPLE - Suzy wanted to buy 170 patches from a company with the following prices.

$1.00 for quantities from 100 to 199.
$0.75 for quantities from 200 to 299.

Suzy bought 170 patches and paid $170. Makes sense, right? Now, suppose Suzy had bought 200 patches even though she only needed 170. Well, then she would have paid $0.75x200=$150. In other words, she could have bought 30 more (200) patches for $20 less money. Instead, she paid more for less. And, that is bad deal and a very common mistake. So, here's how to avoid it.

THE BREAK-EVEN QUANTITY - Quantity discounted pricing always includes price brackets such as the 100 to 199 quantity bracket with which Suzy was concerned. And, there is always a quantity in price brackets where the total price is the same as the total price paid at the bottom end of the next bracket up. We call that the break-even quantity. In Suzy's case, the break-even quantity is 150 patches. Here's why.

  If Suzy had bought 150 patches she would have paid $150. And, if she had bought 200 patches she would have paid that same amount...$150. But, because Suzy wanted 170 patches, she paid $20 more than necessary.

WHAT TO DO - Many customers simply calculate the total at the bottom of the next bracket up and then buy what they need while making sure they don't pay more than that. But, what if they can get more patches for less money? And, how many can they get? Or how many can they get for the same amount of money? Or what if they can get many more patches for the price of a few more and don't know it? These questions are easily answered if they know what the break-even quantity is. So, here's how to calculate it.

DOING THE MATH - It's super easy. To determine the break-even quantity just find the total at the bottom end of the next bracket up and divide it by the unit price in your bracket. In Suzy's case that would be ($0.75x200)/$1.00 or $150. Simple, right?

OPTIONS - Now that you know how to find the break-even quantity, you'll never pay more for less and that applies to all products with quantity discounts; not just patches. But, it can raise some questions. For example; what if Suzy didn't want 30 more patches? Or, what if she was buying from a website and it didn't give her any options except to buy 200 patches and throw away 30 if she couldn't find a home for them. We'll have the answers to these and other questions in future editions of Patch Talk. So, stay tuned.
We use our "sister" company, The Patch Connection, exclusively for stock patch art and custom patches. If you need a custom patch, be sure to check out The Patch Connection's website at and bookmark it for future reference.

FEATURES - Here are a few of the benefits we offer when making custom patches.

• Automatic credit...for all registered scouts. You don't pay until after you've received your patches.

• Over 35 years of custom patch designing experience.

• A résumé that includes countless GS customers, most GS councils, and a substantial number of non-scouting customers such as The Kennedy Center, The Philadelphia Zoo, Dave & Busters, NASCAR, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and many, many more.

• Real time deadline tracking with reminders so no missed deadlines.

• No sketches. We provide formal artwork often with multiple motifs so you'll know exactly what your patch will look like.

• Over 1000 designs to choose from online and many thousands more available from our archives. You don't need to provide any art. No sketch required.

• Total creative support. Even if you have no design in mind, we can guide you toward an ideal concept for your event or activity

• For patches in stock and ready to go click here .
• For custom patch designs to peruse click here
• For patches for boys click here
• For stock patches , inventory, or accounting, call 1-800-728-2676
• For custom patches , art or design, call 1-888-728-2426

• Special Offers
• Patch Size Matters
• Shape vs Value
• Traps - what to look out for when buying patches
• Patch contest dos & don'ts
...and much more.
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