A Note from Scott and Marsha
January 31, 2019
There is something about having to sit down and discuss pumpkins and Christmas trees in January for this year that just feels wrong. I mean, I'm still sweeping up little pine needles I keep finding under various rugs, cracks and crevices. And I found a pumpkin seed a couple weeks ago where the squirrels had a food fight with my pumpkins on the porch. I don't want to relive that again, for sure. To have finally put all this away and now have to discuss and plan for 2019 is just too much. It's too much I tell you! But not for our Garden Center manager, Ann. Nope, Ann is all over it with numbers, spreadsheets and deadline dates for having all this completed and pre-ordered. Do you know why she is doing this? Because she knows once it's done, we won't have to think about it when the REAL fun happens this spring! And while all of you are probably sitting inside today by the fire, enjoying your fourth cup of coffee and/or hot chocolate, she is ordering some amazing indoor flowers and plants for Valentine's Day gifts. 

Valentine's Day happens to be my second favorite holiday. I told my daughter, Erica, this past weekend, "I just love Valentine's Day. I just love LOVE."  I love the pink and red hearts, the little tiny candies with sweet sentiments, the red, white and pink M&M's you can buy and make M&M cookies with. I love the flowers. I love the cute cheesy stuffed animals. And an added bonus--it always seems to snow in February, and we have a brief pause for a day or two. I know...it shouldn't take a holiday to tell the one you love they are special and they mean the world to you. But for some people, if it takes a hallmark holiday to spur them to do something extra and out of the ordinary, then so be it. Receive the small token and simply enjoy it. And if you haven't thought about the fact that Valentine's Day is 15 days away, here is your reminder. We would love to help you and how can we do that? Well, you see .... we have these things called plants that produce flowers different times of the year. And these things have what we call roots that apparently help them live much longer. You should try it out. Seriously. Give roots a chance!! And if you took the time to read this, well...I just love you, too!   
We are stocked with pottery for your houseplants. Whether you want something fun and colorful or muted and neutral, you will find the perfect pot to dress up your plants. Spring is the ideal time to repot your plants, so come and check out our new selection!
Are you ready for spring? We are! Show your love with the gift of an early spring! Indoors, of course. On Friday, we will have potted tulips, hyacinth, and mixed bulb containers that will be gorgeous and blooming for Valentine's Day!
Looking for a little romance? Lavender is the herb of romance. We have this popular scent available in bar soap, hand soap and foaming bath soap. Give a lavender collection to the one you love! And if romance doesn't interest you, lavender also helps you sleep!
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Saturday, February 23, 2019
Caring for houseplants made simple! Debbi will help you choose houseplants that will work well with your lighting. Get to know the best varieties that remove indoor toxins and are safe for pets and family. This seminar is free, but registration is required.
Please register in advance as spots are limited. Email caroline@fgsnursery.com  or call Caroline at 919-484-8759, ext. 101.
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