HEVC Products Forecast Overview
HEVC use has expanded into nearly every consumer product and video content category. DTC's latest study narrates the 10-year trends of HEVC consumer product categories. Find out about projected growth estimates in the overall HEVC market, as well as in individual product categories.
The Competitive Landscape of HEVC
Although widely adopted, HEVC isn't the only video compression game in town. Other players like Google, Amazon, Intel, Netflix and Microsoft say they're developing a new "royalty free" codec. When will it be ready? Will it really be "royalty free"? Find out what's on the horizon as viable alternatives to HEVC.  
The Hybrid TV Vision: Is Common Sense Advancing?  
An aging infrastructure and inadequate capacity threaten to hamper our current on-demand video diet. Different types of distribution and improved video compression (HEVC) are part of a hybrid solution that's quickly becoming a serious consideration for video content delivery. Learn how ATSC 3.0 may be part of the solution. 
DTC Study Details HEVC Use Across Devices
DTC has updated research and forecasts on HEVC from both primary and secondary research. This data can be analyzed to address your needs, particularly if:
  • You own intellectual property associated with the HEVC standard
  • You are trying to identify the major suppliers and OEMs that may be employing HEVC 
  • You need to understand how much HEVC-compliant hardware is actually in the marketplace
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