September 2017

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Sept 28 - Oct. 1, 2017
Chippenham, Wiltshire UK

Oct. 8th, 2017
Sherwood, Oregon USA

Oct. 21-22, 2017

Oct. 27-29, 2017
Modesto, California USA

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Hello Connected Riders
Argos and the Connected Halter

The Thrill of Being Inspired
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Behind the Scenes

Cover Story: Argos (loved by John McBurney) is our lovely cover model for our newsletter this month. 

Hello Connected Riders
What do YOU like 
about Argos in the cover photo? 

     Argos is standing relatively squarely while released through his topline, neck and poll, and he is modeling beautifully our Connected Groundwork web halter with the soft fuzzy nose-piece. We will soon offer a less fluffy cover for the nose-piece that some horses prefer.
     I like this halter because it can be adjusted snugly yet comfortably around the nose, cheeks and throat latch so that it does not slip and slide all over the place. This allows the handler to communicate clear, quiet and subtle movements to the horse. 
     I attach soft nylon cords, about 20-ft. long, ...
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      Here is a collage of the halter in use:
Photo collage of groundwork at the clinic in Germany this Spring.


The thrill 
of being inspired...

by Susan Cook

Peggy and I spent an amazing ten days with our teaching group in Germany in June. I remember looking over at Peggy and saying, "It's happening, isn't it??"  Peggy said, "Yes, these women are really showing Connection in their work and riding"...and, it was lovely, fun, and very very gratifying. 
     After roughly ten years of diligent work and commitment, this group of practitioners put on a one-day expo, worked and rode together all week, and spent one day doing a video documentary of the work. It was an intense, heartwarming testament to the quality of the people in our organization. 
     Thank you, all, for the gift of your Connected riding talents!  Stay tuned for the videos that will be released this year.

Congratulations - to our new Connected Riding practitioners!!
Relana Beck - Germany 
Silke Tenbruck - Germany
"We believe every rider deserves to learn how to ride without tension and bracing, and support their horses to do the same."
Newsletter header

Peggy Cummings 

Around The World 


There are still openings at the below clinics, come join in the fun!

September 22-25
Demo and 3 Day Clinic  
Katherine Harberd
Trealy Farm
Mitchel Troy, 
Monmouth, NP25 4BL

September 28-1st
Demo and 3 Day Clinic
Kay Giblett
Hulberts Green Riding Centre
Braydonside, Brinkworth
Chippenham, Wiltshire SN1
Mobile: 07979 783826

October 8
SCR Instructor Workshop
Open to all Instructors and Teachers
Sherwood, Oregon

October 13-18
This course is closed

October 21-22
Continuing Ed. & Lesson Days
Lessons Open to Public
47647 Kerken

October 27-29
3 Day Clinic
Auditors Welcome
Modesto, CA 
Barbara Owens

November 3
Private, Semi, Group Lessons
Intermediate & Advance Riders
Corvallis, OR
Karen Cheeke

November 9-14
SCRT 103 Course
This course is closed

November 30-4
SCRT 101 Course
Open to ALL Riders
Redbrook Equestrian
Cockshoot Ash
Upper redbrook
Monmouth NP254LU
South Wales
01600 715339 or 07785568842

January 19-21
2 Day Course +  Lesson Days
Bis 7. Mai 2017 bei
Nathalie Spörri
079 215 08 31 oder 

January 25-29
SCRT 102 Course
This course is closed

February 16-19
3 Day Clinic +  Lesson Day
Australia, Mayflower Ridge
Contact: Sue McKibbin
193 Old Telegraph Road East
Rokeby, VIC 3821
0408 515 716

February 22-25
3 Day Clinic + Demo Day
New Zealand-South Auckland
Intro-Refresher Clinic 
Lyndsay Blackburn

March 7-11
This course is closed

March 15-19
Open to ALL Riders
Sherwood, Oregon



Scholarships -The School of Connected Riding was gifted funds to support teachers seeking to learn and become messengers and teachers of Connected work. To date, these people received scholarships for courses and continuing education to enhance their skills and knowledge of Connected Riding. It is important that we continue raising funds to "pay it forward" so this program self-perpetuates and sustains the ongoing education of riding instructors. This was a generous gift from the
Richard B. Siegel Foundation
Stay tuned for a scholarship contest next month as part of our SCR course kick off!

Left to right, top to bottom:
Anke Johnson
Melin Farriols
Russell Terry
Dana Allen
Joe London & Diane Sept
Laura Faber-Morris

not pictured:
Julie Seda
Cat Wilton
Debbie Davies

Behind the scenes ramping up for School of Connected Riding courses for 2018, o ur school curriculum is formally taking shape.

Our goal is to provide courses that support the what, why, and how of Connection and Connected Riding for riders, riding instructors, and horses of all disciplines. These courses offer depth and scope for understanding how working in Connection benefits the well-being of horses, their movement, nervous systems, and overall function. We offer supplemental learning for seasoned riding instructors to incorporate the elements of Connection into their programs for clarity and ease of performance for their horses and riders. We believe every rider deserves to learn how to ride without tension and bracing, and support their horses to do the same.

We will unveil our 2018 courses in an upcoming newsletter, and suffice it to say there will be something for everyone to sample!  Also, our riding lessons and riding clinics will continue being offered worldwide through our team of practitioners and instructors where people learn and practice how to apply Connected work with horses. Check out our Pathways link ( click here) to see how to come into our riding program, and our practitioner training program.

Hayley Howells on her schoolmaster. The images are dark, but if you can see them you can see the lovely change in posture.

Top: Horse at beginning of lesson exhibiting his pattern of rushing on the forehand and closing his throat latch.

Bottom: Horse later in lesson showing a more rebalanced  trot with better use of head and neck.

Hello Connected Riders
Continued from Page 1.

instead of lead lines or longe ropes, and the handler can just insert two fingers under the fuzzy noseband. This makes it easy to feel tension in the horse's head and neck, and to address that tension while remaining light and soft with the hand. 
     When you do this work in a loose halter it actually disconnects you from the horse. It creates bracing in his head and neck because the horse  feels a jerky and harsh movement from the halter. 
     I like to demonstrate the detriments to the horse's poll and neck of leading the horse from under the chin. Its how everyone learned to lead a horse, but students soon see the benefits of leading from the side ring. 
Clasp your hands in front of your body and have a friend tie a cord around your wrists and "lead" you from underneath. Note the amount of pressure. Then have the friend "lead" you from the side of your wrist. It is so much softer. The pressure exerted from the side creates much less force than the same pressure from under the chin. 
     Thanks Argos for being our beautiful model this month. 

People are Understanding!
I am seeing a lot of wonderful progress in the quality of the riding these days.  Riders are problem-solving on their own, using their CR tools to experiment and figure things out with their horses. For example, one rider noticed her horse was tripping and came up with a combination of groundwork exercises to help the horse through the issue.  
     I am excited to see  riders being proactive in applying the work, and sharing their successes with others. Other people are noticing the changes in the Connected Riding ® horses, and are inquiring about our approach. People are better understanding that horses must learn to be in a weight-bearing posture in order to function better as a ridden horse. They see that this work increases the horses' focus and decreases the evasions on the ground and under saddle. Progress!"


Of Waves in Unseen Currents
by Robert Krenz

The day begins, the pines and firs are dry. 
She turns (or does she spin again?)
her motion so smooth with spring dreaming 
even in winter, even more as she dances
winsome like clean, misty snow.

There, on the ridge, on a green mountain meadow, 
three horses drift about like roaming morning mist.

The lady sees the shades of light nurturing the 
land and its beauty seems to burst within her. She thinks: 
'I am but a passenger on one of many streams, 
just like the moonlight on sunny days, I am in
the waves of unseen currents, unfolding...'

As the horses bolt from the meadow into the woods, 
she hears the hoofbeats echoing down, along the stream.

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