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Dr. Jerome Rerucha

Our health effects every part of our life and there is a variety of habits that are necessary. Proper exercise helps us move better, and healthy food choices help to fuel the body. The more options people have to choose from within these activities the better results, and the longer they stay with a focused program. Receiving regular adjustments provides additional and unique health benefits. The more options for adjustments you provide, the more patients see you as their go to (for everything) practitioner. There are 206 bones in the body and the great adjustors can adjust them all; manual and instrument. The Erchonia Adjustor is a great tool to enhance the great service you provide.  

In this newsletter I am going to show you how I integrate the Erchonia Adjustor into my adjusting technique to help my patients regain and maintain their good health.  I'm also offering some great specials on Adjustor equipment and training this month.  Scroll down for coupon codes .

Dr. Jerome

Using the Adjustor
Proper structural alignment in the body is an important health necessity. A person's healthy structure should be measured using both static posture assessment as well as movement evaluations to determine areas of imbalance that inhibit the nervous system and decrease the bodies vitality.  As clinicians, we have lots of options to offer in the form of manual and instrument adjustments. Using the Erchonia Adjustor instrument provides clinicians the option of proper static adjustments of the spine and extremities as well as the unique benefit of adjusting the spine and extremities in motion! 

I begin my adjustments with the patient on the chiropractic table and start by adjusting the spine first. I then apply the percussor to make fascial and soft tissue corrections face up and face down as needed. I will adjust extremities and completing any techniques performed on the table. At the end of my adjustments, it is not uncommon for me to correct the person's spine in motion while they sit and turn, flex and extend their neck or walk in place. All performed very specifically to the patients need. The neurological and structural correction is very unique. 

I am a very hands on and manual clinician with adjustments and soft tissue, but some advantages are provided only when using an electrical adjusting instrument. Even if you are the best manual extremity adjuster in the world, the first time you adjust a collar bone while a baseball or football player performs a throwing motion you will be convinced that these tools provide an awesome option. Another prime use is have a person walk in place (as shown in the picture below) while you adjust the spine or apply to a trigger point in the psoas muscle. This application provides a dynamic structural correction when the person is firing the cross-crawl neuro-inhibition pattern (occurring when walking) that can only be performed using an instrument. And the patient testimonial of enhanced performance will sell itself.  

The Adjustor is used for corrections of :
  • Subluxations / joint misalignments 
  • Spinal / extremities
  • Static
  • Adjusting With Motion /Dynamic Adjusting 
  • Reflex Therapy
  • Trigger Points

Face up / Face Down
  • Remove subluxations - ex. Gonstead listings
  • Pubic bone, Anterior Femur Head
  • Trigger points - ex. Psoas, Trapezius fibers / Glute fibers
  • Extremity adjusting

Seated / Standing
  • Remove subluxations - ex. Gonstead listings with motion
  • Enhances Neurological Pathways
  • Curve Restoration
  • Cervical - seated
  • Lumbar Standing
  • Extremity adjusting - wrist and foot arches
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