Whitman Fire & Police Teams
Battle Over Girl Scout Cookies

The Police Department and Firefighters of Whitman have begun a playful social media war over what else but...Girl Scout cookies! The feud began February 18th, with an innocent post on Facebook by the local PD, reading: "Officer Roger Kineavy is in Whitman Center supporting the local Girl Scout Troop by purchasing some of their delicious cookies! This cookie purchase was strictly charity motivated. 🙄 Let’s go Whitman Firefighters Local 1769! Where are you? 😉"
The Firefighters seemed to take this as a challenge, shortly making their own post: "Alright Whitman Police Department, we see you! Be sure to visit the local Girl Scouts in the center of town for your cookies!"
We can't help but notice in the pictures, the Firefighters seem to have a couple more boxes than the police, but the real message here is that the cookies are delicious and loved by everyone. Make sure to grab a box and support the Girl Scouts!

Written by Erin Payne Buzz Around Intern, SNHU
Historical Tidbit:
Electric Trolleys in Whitman
Pat Thomas Horger shared   from Cathy Foley Tinsley’s mother and grandmother collection. They lived on Wilmot Street.
From the 1890's to 1928, the electric trolley cars ran and for a nickel you could travel through every town around Brockton, and for another nickel you could go to Quincy or Hull's Nantasket Beach.

The trolleys resembled 19th-century railroad cars with metal wheels, open platforms and large windows, and were about half the size of a bus. The electric wire, although above the trolley most of the time, occasionally came within reach and caused electrical shock accidents to adults and children alike.

Service began in 1889, with the first trolley going from Jabez Corner in Plymouth to Cobbs Store in Kingston, just four miles. In 1900, Stone & Webster created the Brockton & Plymouth Railway Co., with lines stretching 24 miles from Plymouth to Whitman.

In it's hay day, the trolley transported 12,000 shoe workers to work each day.

Postcard Credit: Pat Thomas Horger
shared from Cathy Foley Tinsley’s mother and grandmother collection. They lived on Wilmot Street.
Story credit: J. Rose
Town Hall

Public Library
M-Th 9:30a-8p; Fri 9:30a- 4:30p;
Sat 9:30a-4 (during school year only)

Council on Aging

St. Vincent de Paul/Whitman Food Pantry
By appointment only: 781-447-8560
Sandy White
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The COA Wants Your Story!

Are you a senior who has found a new way of engaging in life? If you've experienced a new lease on life and discovered a passion for something new, share it with the rest of us! You might spark a new love in someone else, or inspire them to try new things. If you would like to share your insights, reach out to the COA at specialseniorstories@gmail.com and include your contact information and the best way to reach you.

Source Credit: Whitman COA FB
Whitman Board of Selectmen
February 20, 2024
Video courtesy of WHCA9TV
Indoor Playground

Sat, Mar 2
Whitman Public Library
100 Webster St

It's cold outside, so come inside to play! The library will have a variety of games in the community room, including ring toss, toss across, Lincoln Logs, giant Connect 4 and more! For more info, contact Sharon Dynan at 781-447-7613, or sdynan@whitman.ocln.org.
A Taste of
Whitman and Hanson

Thurs, March 7
VFW Post #697
95 Essex St

Whitman and Hanson's 'Dollars for Scholars' will be celebrating their 15th annual “A Taste of
Whitman and Hanson”, and up to twenty local restaurants and food service providers will be
offering samples from their menu to the general public.Tickets are $15 per person in advance and $20 at the door, but space is limited!
Tickets may be purchased on Eventbrite or at Duval's Pharmacy in Whitman, Sandy's Coffee Corner in Hanson, and the Town Clerk's office in either town. All proceeds benefit Dollars for Scholars in the form of scholarships at awards night.
Open Mic Night

Sat, Mar 9
Holmestead Harvest
30 Temple St

Come on out to the Holmestead for a night of live storytelling hosted by Evergreen & Grey. The theme of the night is “Broken” so create or fine tune a poem of your own and share with the crowd! Or, if you just love to hear a good story while sipping an IPA or a glass of Chardonnay, you're welcome to join. $5 entrance, cash bar, and snacks! Walk ins are welcome.
Climate Can Do: Addressing Climate Resilience through Fairtrade Chocolate

Do you love chocolate? If so, you're not alone. Americans eat 58 million pounds of chocolate during Valentine's week, lets look at some eco-friendly ways to enjoy it.

The supply of chocolate struggles with the increasing demand due to the impact of climate change on the cocoa industry.

Cocoa trees grow in humid climates and take up to a year to produce enough cocoa for half a pound of chocolate. Climate Change is a significant threat to countries around the equator, like Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast, where cocoa grows.
Sustainable cocoa farming promotes fair trade and climate-smart practices, helping farmers earn fair prices, prevent deforestation, and mitigate climate change. However, producing chocolate has a high carbon footprint due to transportation and requires over 1,180 gallons of water per pound.

You can reduce your chocolate's carbon footprint by taking simple steps:

  • Choose simple, recyclable packaging over fancy ones.
  • Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate for lower sugar content and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Buy fair trade chocolate that guarantees sustainable cocoa farming and fair payment to farmers.
  • Choose local "bean-to-bar" chocolate for quality and eco-friendliness.

Look for products with third-party certifications, like Fair Trade USA, or brands like Choceur Superberries, Chuao Chocolatier, and Bake Believe, to name a few. 

Jennifer Hernández, BuzzAround Intern and Southern New Hampshire University graduate student wrote this Climate Can-Do Article. 

Together, we can make a difference by taking action to live sustainably. Let's empower ourselves to create a better future for our planet, one step at a time.
Duval's Pharmacy
From Stonewall Kitchen Yummies to Whitman Spirit Gear ~ You'll Be Surprised What You'll find at Duval's

Open: Mon-Fri: 8:30a - 6p | Sat: 9a - 3p
Sun: 9a - 1p

571 Washington St • 781-447-0606

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Dr. Chris Jones, Principal of Whitman-Hanson Regional High School
Minimize, Prioritize, Say No 

Dr. Chris Jones, in this episode of the SEEing to Lead podcast, discusses how to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.

He suggests three steps: minimize, prioritize, and say no.

First, minimize distractions. This could be anything from your cell phone to TV shows to people who are pulling you to spend time with them.

Second, prioritize your tasks. Don't try to do everything at once; figure out what needs to get done first and focus on that.

Finally, learn to say no. If something isn't a priority or is going to distract you from your goals, don't be afraid to say no.

By following these steps, you can free up your time and energy to focus on what's important and reach your goals.
Whitman Board of Health
February 12, 2024
Video courtesy of WHCA9TV
Join the Recreation Committee

Looking to shape your community and have a blast doing it? Join the Whitman Recreation Committee! They're seeking passionate individuals to join the team.

Monthly meetings are held at the Town Hall. Message them to learn more and make your mark on Whitman's fun! For more info, please email recreation@whitman-ma.gov.

Pinches & Pounds
Old Fashioned Candy Store with a Twist
Stock up for Saint Patrick's Day with
lucky gold chocolate coins!

Pinches & Pounds has hard to find delectables & seasonal yummies. We make every occasion SWEEEEET!!!!

Nessralla Farm

Now Sourcing Fresh Veggies For the Winter!

Trucking in yummy kitchen staples to add to our local farm goodies~ stop by!

Keeping warm with firewood? We've got it!
Nessralla Farm
416 Plymouth St. , Halifax, MA
(781) 293-6792

Scholarship Opportunities with Dollars for Scholars

Scholarships with Dollars for Scholars for students from the class of 2024 are open for application.

Begin your journey by completing your student profile for Dollars for Scholars. By doing so, you'll unlock access to a treasure trove of resources from Scholarship America, empowering you to secure local and national scholarships tailored to your aspirations.
Don't delay—profiles can be updated regularly, ensuring you stay ahead in the race for financial aid. Submit your application electronically to Whitman & Hanson Dollars for Scholars. Under the students & parents section. The deadline for submissions is March 15. whitmanandhanson.dollarsforscholars.org

Whitman Knights of Columbus Raffle Scores Big with Valentine's Day Cheer

The Whitman Knights of Columbus hosted a meat raffle on Saturday, February 10th, delighting both football fans and loved ones with delicious prizes and Valentine's Day cheer. The event, held from 2-5 PM, was open to the public and welcomed all to participate.

The raffle featured a selection of premium meats donated by Crocetti's, perfect for any Super Bowl party spread. The ladies also received flowers and surprises, adding a touch of romance to the festivities for the holiday occasion.

The response to the raffle was overwhelmingly positive, with the Knights expressing their gratitude to all who participated. The lucky winners were sure to enjoy their meat bounty alongside the excitement of the Super Bowl.

The Whitman Knights of Columbus event successfully combined community spirit, delicious food, and Valentine's Day fun, making it a memorable occasion for all involved. It's a reminder that simple gestures, like a well-organized raffle, can bring people together and create lasting positive memories.

Source & Photo Credit: Karen McKenna on Whitman Knights of Columbus FB Post
Story by Kendall Fletcher, BuzzAround Intern, Southern New Hampshire University

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