Welcome to my campaign update #3. An idea I've had for years is that any campaign I run will have a public speaking component to it. What I mean by that is that I'd like everyone involved in my campaign to be learning and practicing public speaking. That way they (you!) can convey any policy ideas that need expressing. If this sounds interesting to you, please sign up here or at the link below, and invite any friends you think could benefit from improving their public speaking skills. Public speaking can be scary, but it's great for learning to think on your feet - and also you can't help but make mistakes which is a great way to learn.

This is a free offering and will happen every Monday @ 11 am for the next 6 weeks starting on Monday, April 10th.
Campaign News with Albert Kaufman

Here's the latest news and writing on various issues in Multnomah County that are impacting our lives in 2023. You'll find some good resources within!

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How's the campaign going, you ask?

Well, it's certainly interesting to run for office. The other day I saw one of my opponent's first yard signs and their political ad in the SE Examiner. This month I'll have interviews with the Oregonian; League of Women Voters; Street Roots and I expect the WWeek will eventually want to schedule something. Then, there are a few community forums, as well (if you'd be interested in attending these, write me back and I'll give you the dates/times). Most of this is happening on Zoom. in 22 days ballots will be mailed to voters. Shiver!

I've been doing a lot of writing about the issues of the day on my website - check it out.

On Saturday night I was at a party and most people there whom I hadn't seen in a while all know that I am running for office - that was exciting - my social media/email outreach is working! I also got to talk policy with a few knowledgeable folks and they gave me some great input on the key issues facing us today - one idea was to use the Wal-Marts that are closing as temporary housing villages. Thanks, Koots!

Running for office also brings up many feelings - I'm not going to lie about that. There's the imposter feeling. There's the invincible feeling. There's the fear of being found out. There's the feeling that my opponents are more qualified. It's an interesting cycle and has me bouncing around emotionally a bit. Luckily, I have a great co-counseling community that's given me a chance to discharge any places where I get confused and this helps me keep going.

While this campaign is going on I continue to work on the issues I care about. We had a hearing on SB 525 in the Oregon Legislature - an effort to ban gas-powered leaf blowers in our region. A lot is going on on the Keep Trees Standing front, as well. Lots of federal and PCEF $ is headed our way to plant more trees - I want to make sure we also keep trees that are standing, upright, too.

Well, thanks for tuning in and I hope you'll consider joining me for the public speaking time on the coming Mondays!


Albert Kaufman - Candidate for Multnomah County District 3