Happy "Day After Tucker Carlson Got the Boot" Day! I really am so happy about this news. Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead!

I've had a lot of chances to get out in front of people over the last couple of weeks - today I was featured as part of Think Out Loud on OPB. It will be on the air live tonight at 8 pm PST - but here's the recording! Also, here are links to other recent appearances.

We also had our first 3 public speaking class/practice sessions - come join us for more next Monday, May Day, May 1st @ 11 am - please sign up here or at the link below, and invite any friends you think could benefit from improving their public speaking skills. This is a free offering and will happen every Monday @ 11 am for the next 3 weeks.

It's been very interesting campaigning for public office. Had I known what I know now my voter's pamphlet information would have been so different. I've learned so much - about campaigning; about our region; about the issues - so much! Hopefully, that is coming out in my commentaries. I've had some big ideas come forward which you can hear/see in the links I point to above.

For now, I'm going to enjoy this beautiful day! More to come! Thanks for your support!


Albert Kaufman, Candidate for Multnomah County Commission - District 3

PS - if you want to support me, one way is to click here or on the picture below. Find a picture you like and share it on social media. Thank you!
The Eleven for April of 2023 - My Election Issue!

Let's Talk Share this with a Friend ‌ ‌ Greetings! Happy 11th! Today I hosted the first of 6 public speaking classes/practice spaces. I'm so glad this is underway. This has been a dream of mine for so

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I've been doing a lot of writing about the issues of the day on my website - check it out.

PS - if you've moved recently, double-check and make sure your registration is up to date! Today, April 25th is the last day to register to vote or correct your registration!