Welcome to my campaign update #4. It's been a busy week - I:

  • Met with the Gray Panthers
  • Had a candidates forum with the League of Women Voters (recorded and on the web soon)
  • Presented before the Multnomah County Democrats

We also had our first public speaking class/practice session last Monday - come join us for more this Monday, 4.17 @ 11 am - please sign up here or at the link below, and invite any friends you think could benefit from improving their public speaking skills. This is a free offering and will happen every Monday @ 11 am for the next 5 weeks.

I have to say campaigning is a very interesting experience. It's a chance to put some ideas out there and see the reaction, and it's been an opportunity for me to learn more about how the County works and what it does.

It's also been a huge reminder that what I already do - encourage people to take action - is the exact right message for me to repeat as a candidate. I'm trying every chance I get to emphasize the point that there are things that you can do today to make things better. None of us has to wait for the County/City/Metro to fix everything. Sure, there are things that they are working on, but there's a lot that citizens can do to make things better, too. Here are 3 off the top of my head:

  1. Stop idling. If you're not driving your car, turn it off - spread the word
  2. Electrify everything - the more we get off of gas (lawn tools, gas ranges => electric ones, etc. - the better things will go for us - esp. on the air pollution front
  3. See something, say something. This town is full of potholes - call or email them in.

We can all be a lot more engaged in our communities - I just know it. I plan to find some ways for people who'd like to meet with me to do a good deed together - it might be walking around an area school and picking up litter. We'll see. Thanks for considering the above, and here are a few more ideas in this vein that I've fleshed out and worked on over the years.

This week I have an interview with the WWeek, the Oregonian and there are more community forums up ahead.

Have a great week and we'll talk soon (maybe on Monday :)


Albert Kaufman, Candidate for Multnomah County Commission - District 3
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