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  1. Company News: AireSpring Wins VSA Award
  2. August Partner Training: The Journey to Customer Success with 8x8 and AireSpring, Thursday Aug 24, 2023
  3. August Promo: Q3: Win a Trip to Paradise; 10X MRC MS Teams Direct Routing
  4. Coming Events
  5. Partner Spotlight: Christine Mason, Owner, Telecom Made Simple
  6. Meet the AireSpring Team: Mike Sullivan, VP Channel Sales

AireSpring Wins Visionary Spotlight Award

AireSpring is excited to announce it has been recognized by Channel Vision Magazine as the winner of a 2023 Visionary Spotlight Award in the Overall Excellence category. The award is given for Channel Program of the Year. AireSpring was honored for its channel program because of key differentiators making it the most channel-friendly program in the industry:

  • 100% Channel for over 22 years
  • Concierge support by a veteran team of channel managers coast-to-coast
  • Global connectivity paired with SD-WAN across multiple continents
  • Personalized service and support via a dedicated 24/7/365 global team of certified experts
  • Spiffs on renewals
  • An escalation list all the way up to our CEO
  • The financial stability of a family owned and operated, debt-free company

“We are honored to once again receive this prestigious award highlighting AireSpring’s 100% commitment to the channel,” stated AireSpring President and CRO, Daniel Lonstein. “The AireSpring Advantage for channel partners and their customers includes a host of key differentiators in the areas of innovative solutions, competitive pricing, and personalized service and support that truly fosters long-term partnerships and customer success.”

The Journey to Customer Success with 8x8 and AireSpring 

More and more companies are waking up and focusing on customer success, not just customer acquisition. The need to improve the customer experience has caught the attention of C-suite level executives and business owners alike. Providing a comprehensive UCaaS and CCaaS foundation and platform is critical to organizations in any vertical.

Join AireSpring and 8x8 for an overview of the 8x8 eXperience Communications Platform™ that offers integrated contact center, voice, video, chat, and APIs and how it is key to helping you and your customers succeed.

Learn how:

  • 8x8's Virtual Office unified communications platform provides company-wide private chat, presence detection, softphones, web conferencing, video, and Apple and Android mobile apps to improve collaboration on any device, anywhere
  • 8x8 Virtual Office integrates with popular business solutions such as Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk, and NetSuite
  • Provides multinational enterprises with a global presence with international coverage and reach to raise employee productivity
  • How AireSpring’s global personalized customer service and support offerings will delight you and your clients

Jim Serpa

Steve McCutcheon

Senior Channel Account Manager, 8x8

Partner Enablement Manager, 8x8

What: August Partner Training Webinar

Date: Thursday August 24, 2023

Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EDT)

Presenters: Jim Serpa, Senior Channel Account Manager, 8x8 & Steve McCutcheon, Partner Enablement Manager, 8x8

Please complete the survey after the webinar for a chance to win a

$100 Amazon gift card

Win a Luxurious Trip to Cancún!


Earn 10X MRC with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from AireSpring!

Dreaming of a luxurious vacation away from it all? Let AireSpring take you on an all-inclusive relaxing getaway in Cancún, Mexico. With private balconies, concierge services, and an extensive wine collection, Secrets Resort & Spa is designed for the ultimate escape from the daily grind. Activities include access to a host of great restaurants and spa services, a unique wine quest in the Yucatan Peninsula, and much more! Every $1,000 of MRC revenue you bring to AireSpring in Q3 2023 qualifies you for one entry into the drawing to win.

AireSpring has extended the 10X MRC Spiff on its Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution through August 31, 2023. Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from AireSpring enables users to make and receive calls in Microsoft Teams using the AireSpring voice network and offers features not available in Microsoft Calling plans.

As always, AireSpring is committed to helping you win new clients, retain customers and close more business ahead of the competition. And we pledge to support you and your clients like no other supplier in the channel.

Our channel partners benefit from some of the highest evergreen commissions, spiffs, and bonuses in the industry. In fact, AireSpring is one of the only suppliers to offer Spiffs on Renewals:

  • 10X MRC on MS Teams Direct Routing
  • Up to 6X MRC on Voice/Cloud Services
  • 1X MRC on SD-WAN and Global SD-WAN Services
  • 1X on Managed Security
  • 1.5X MRC on Connectivity Services & MPLS
  • 2X Spiff on Wireless WAN
  • 2X MRC on POTS Replacement
  • $1,600 Cash Bonus on Toll-Free Services
  • $800 Cash Bonus on Long-Distance Services
  • Earn even more with 5% EXTRA Bonus Residual Commission on AireSpring Network & SIP LD (wholesale accounts do not qualify)

AireSpring’s Channel Managers and Solutions Engineering Team are committed to providing you with expert guidance and concierge service so you can easily deliver the best products to your customers and gain a competitive edge. AireSpring has always been 100% channel and has everything you need to provide the best customer service to your clients:

  • Dedicated project coordinators and managed services engineers assigned to each order
  • Free consultations with solutions engineering team
  • 24/7/365 NOC Network Monitoring
  • 45-second response time on support calls
  • Escalation list up to our CEO

Ready to win a luxurious trip to Cancún? Contact your AireSpring Channel Manager for details.

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AireSpring Partner Training

Thursday, August 24, 2023


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August 29, 2023

Salt Lake City, UT


To begin, please tell us a little about yourself and your agency.

Christine: I began in the industry in 2004 as an admin for another agent. It’s a pretty funny story, because I had no experience, and my boss at the time said, “as long as you have a phone and a computer, you are all set.” So, I had to go out and purchase a computer and get my own internet service in order to work for her. I learned about this industry by helping her follow up on leads.

In 2009, I decided to branch out on my own—which is when I became incorporated--and I have never looked back. Being in the industry has afforded me the opportunity to take care of my family and have the flexibility and freedom I had always dreamt of. Now I primarily now sell through several Technology Solution Distributors (TSDs).

About 5 months ago, I brought on my daughter, Alyssa, to assist with business development, and it has been a pleasure seeing her grow and expand her knowledge base. I’m so excited because I know this will be a great opportunity that I can pass on to her to have financial freedom. She won’t have to depend on the corporate world, and this opportunity would give her the ability to raise her family when she is blessed to begin that next chapter in her life. She was a corporate recruiter before joining the telecom industry and has been able to leverage that experience in this position. In fact, the first deal she closed was with AireSpring! She sells SD-WAN, fiber, firewalls, and a host of other products and services.

Alyssa: People like us because we’re truly there to help businesses, and we’re a family-owned, woman-owned company. Over 300 customers have come to us by referrals or word of mouth. That speaks to the kind of company we are—we’re there for our customers and it’s important for us to grow organically with them.

What do you like about working with AireSpring?

"It brings a lot of value to us to be able to have AireSpring provide connectivity and layer on other solutions with that—it gives clients peace of mind, and we know they will get personalized service."

Christine: I’ve known AireSpring National Director of Channel Sales Charles Lomond for a long time, so it’s been great to work with AireSpring directly. I have also loved working with AireSpring Regional Channel Manager Scott Bender. He is one of my favorite channel managers I have had the pleasure to work with, and the most responsive.

AireSpring also has so much to offer, including the fact that everything’s consolidated—our clients have one bill, one point of contact, and one vendor. AireSpring also has a broad product line. I love that the company is a one-stop-shop for my clients. It brings a lot of value to us to be able to have AireSpring provide connectivity and then layer on other solutions with that—it gives clients peace of mind, and we know they will get personalized service from AireSpring.

Alyssa: AireSpring has the kind of customer service we love, which is indispensable in this industry.

What would you say is the secret to being a successful trusted advisor/sales agent in today’s marketplace?

Christine: Listening to the needs and desires of your clients is key. I believe in truly educating my clients, and being there to support them along the way is so important. My number one rule is don’t sell them something they do not need. Integrity is something I think some sales agents in the industry lack. I have grown my client base to 300 companies solely by word of mouth (I have never cold called) and I don’t think you can do that by not always doing the right thing for your customers.

"Listening to the needs and desires of your clients is key. I believe in truly educating my clients, and being there to support them along the way is so important."

Alyssa: Attending a variety of different events and following up is also important, and something you should always be doing—we’ve found great success with networking events. This allows us to get in touch with customers before they're even thinking about their technology and getting in contact with people who are not specifically in that tech space. Don’t walk away from businesses that have a lot of potential. No job is too small. A small deal can sometimes grow into something more, and you may find the customer has a variety of needs that you can fill.

Christine: I send handwritten thank you notes after closing deals too. Reaching out and providing that personalized touch ends up being invaluable. Our largest customer came from a referral from a company that I ultimately couldn’t help—this speaks to our philosophy of always doing right by the end-user. You never know when someone whose contact information you received years ago is going to come back to you wanting to do business.

What do you foresee happening in the channel in 2023/2024 (or, what is the “next big thing” or “things” you think people should be aware of or get involved in, etc.)?

"A lot of people think they’re too small to worry about getting hacked...There are a multitude of bad actors out there and so many opportunities to help businesses improve their security profile."

Christine: I strongly believe security is so important. In light of this, we’re talking to our clients about preventative issues and not just ways to resolve them after the fact. It may cost a tad more now, but what is the cost if you lose it all or are held captive by ransomware? Security is always morphing and changing, so you have to stay educated.

A lot of people think they’re too small to worry about getting hacked, and that’s not the case. There are a multitude of bad actors out there and so many opportunities to help businesses improve their security profile. So, it’s a good idea to stay focused on this area and learn all you can.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of telecom?

Christine: In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Dean, and adult children, as there is nothing more important to me than my family. I also love traveling and have a pretty active social life so that has been fun too. I love being outdoors and having fun jet skiing, boating, four-wheeling, and walking through the woods. I also love reading and crocheting.

Alyssa: I try to be around my family as much as possible. I live a short distance away so I try to go over to their house and spend time with them whenever I can. I have a four-wheeler, and a boat for fishing too. My fiancé and I are renovating a house, so that keeps me busy.

Tell us about your professional background and roles you’ve held prior to joining AireSpring.

I got my start in the telecom industry as an owner of a wireless business, which I sold before making a career move into channel sales. I have over 20 years of experience in the channel, most recently as Vice President of Channel Sales at Windstream. Prior to joining Windstream, I held leadership roles at Birch Communications and Fusion Connect, as well as Nextel. Throughout my career, I’ve trained, developed, and led teams of highly successful channel managers that generated the largest per person revenue in that company’s history. I also led initiatives to build critical support teams that helped grow the channel segment including sales support and quoting, and partner development. I’ve specialized in solutions selling across a broad range of products such as UCaaS, SD-WAN, and network security as well as access services including fiber and broadband and very large POTS deals.

What led to your interest in AireSpring?

I first heard of AireSpring several years ago from partners in the industry who were telling me about the services that they provided and what a great job they were doing for their customers. I also got to know John Young, AireSpring SVP Channel Sales, from attending a lot of the Technology Services Distributors (TSD) events and national trade shows, and I learned more about AireSpring’s outstanding reputation in the industry in the areas of service delivery and customer service. I like the fact that AireSpring is 100 percent partner focused, which shows our commitment to the channel. We’re small enough that we can deliver personalized service and get ahead of issues quickly, but large enough that we can have a broad footprint in the industry, including our international services.

The leadership at AireSpring is also something I admire about the company, which is family owned and operated and run with a personal touch. The culture here is fantastic—we know we have a job to do, but it really feels like we’re a family. I’ve gotten to experience that in the short time I’ve been here.

Tell us about your new role at AireSpring and your goals for the channel team.

I lead a great team of channel managers that are all very successful here at AireSpring and have years of solid experience in our industry. In our business, it is very simple. Partners want to work with a company that can provide the services their customers need, but they also want to work with people they know and trust. This team, and AireSpring as a whole, have that kind of reputation. The easier we are to work with from a partner perspective, the more partners are going to want to work with us, and part of my role is to help with that process.

In my 20 years in this industry, I have been fortunate to develop many relationships and friendships with partners and colleagues. One of my short-term goals is to get to know the AireSpring partners I’m unfamiliar with and introduce my existing relationships to AireSpring.

One of the great advantages of AireSpring is the number of services we can provide for a customer. Many of our partners are introducing multiple services to their customer base. It’s my goal to expand our partner base and grow the number of services our partners are introducing to their customers, including connectivity, voice, UCaaS, SD-WAN, and our ability to provide international connectivity when needed.

Tell us about your hobbies outside of work.

I am a big sports fan, especially baseball, football, and golf. My teams are the Atlanta Braves and the Georgia Bulldogs. My wife Lynn and I have a big family, including 13 children and grandchildren, so I spend a lot of time with them, and we like to vacation together. This summer we vacationed at St. George Island, which is in the Florida Panhandle and had a great time. My wife and I travel frequently and enjoy going to concerts.

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