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Air Lingus A330 Burns on Ground in Orlando
Sprinkler System Catches Fire (No Joke)
OSHA Slams USPS over Extinguisher Maintenance
NASA Plays with Fire
Honeywell Surprises "Street"
Al Naboodah Group Launches Fire Safety Division (Middle East)
Deadly Blaze Highlights Fire Safety Gaps (Bangladesh)
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presidentMessage from the FSSA President
Ray Aldridge, ORR Protection Systems
FSSA President 2016-17

Fall 2016

FSSA Annunciator

Hello FSSA,

As we turn the corner and head towards the holiday season we have a lot to look forward to, and reflect upon.  One of the most encouraging things I've seen this year is the number of people in our industry that want to serve, or to serve more, in our association.  We have seasoned professionals and people new to the industry that are asking for the opportunity to be more involved.  Few things are as exciting and inspiring as the movement that is taking place with the high caliber people in our industry wanting to take part in our association.

What?  Did someone say something about a CHRISTMAS PRESENT?  How about saving a cool $100 by registering early to attend the 2017 FSSA ANNUAL CONFERENCE to be held in Napels Beach, Florida.  Register by November 16 to qualify for the $100 Early Bird Discount. It's our 35th YEAR! (When the FSSA started -  "Hotspots" meant a great place to which everyone would go!) Go to FSSA.net/FSSA35thAnnualForum to register!

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trainingFSSA Online Training Receives NICET Recognition

Fall 2016

FSSA Annunciator

The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technology (NICET) recently approved the FSSA and its Training Program as a recognized Training Provider. Any NICET certified technician is eligible for CPD's for completing the FSSA's Online Training Program. Whatever your current situation or needs are, the Online Training Program is available to be taken as a whole, by period, or by individual class. Allow us to be able to provide you with the training you or your colleagues need!

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designFSSA Design Guides -- Ivy League Training Manuals at County College Prices

Fall 2016

FSSA Annunciator

Among the countless educational offerings it provides, the Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) develops countless guides designed to improve industry standards and educate fire suppression safety professionals.

FSSA guides were designed by our Technical Committee to improve the efficiency and safety of individuals in the industry. If you have not purchased or looked into any of our publications, we highly recommend doing so as they are very important and helpful tools designed specifically for your field technicians.

FSSA Members receive special member pricing at 50% off the published rates. Sign in to your member profile to receive this discount.

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Air Lingus A330 Burns on Ground in Orlando
Two baggage handlers were seriously injured and 193 passengers were left stranded after a section of the Aer Lingus passenger jet became engulfed in flames at Orlando Airport, Florida


By Emma Glanfield for MailOnline
Daily Mail

This is the moment an Aer Lingus passenger jet became engulfed in flames after a piece of ground equipment caught alight while it was refueling at a Florida airport.

Two baggage handlers were seriously injured in the fire and 193 passengers were left stranded after a large section of the plane burst into flames last week.

Dramatic photographs now released show fire engulfing the mid-section of the Airbus A330-200 as it prepared for take-off at Orlando International Airport.

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Sprinkler System Catches Fire (No Joke)
Credit: Submitted


By Tom Sofield

An air pump that is part of a fire suppression system at a Middletown home improvement store ironically caught fire.

The air pump that was in an elevated space merchandise in the Lowe's store on West Lincoln Highway caught fire and was emitting smoke around lunchtime. Firefighters from multiple companies rushed to the scene and found the smoking piece of equipment, Fire Marshal Jim McGuire said.

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OSHA Slams USPS over Extinguisher Maintenance


Occupational Health & Safety

The discovery was made after investigating a July 3, 2016, grease fire.

OSHA announced it has cited a U.S. Postal Service's vehicle maintenance facility in St. Louis, Mo., for one repeated and two serious safety violations.

After reports of a grease fire on July 3, 2016, the agency determined workers were trying to put the fire out with at least two fire extinguishers that were not charged. Once they located a charged extinguisher, they were able to put out the fire. The agency cited USPS for failing to maintain charged extinguishers, train workers on extinguisher use, maintain a fire alarm system, and conduct monthly inspections of fire extinguishers.

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NASA Plays with Fire
IN SPACE - MAY 8: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) (NO SALES) This handout image supplied by the European Space Agency (ESA), shows smoke from forest fires burning around the area of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada in an image taken by ESA astronaut Tim Peake from the International Space Station on May 8, 2016. ESA astronaut Tim Peake is performing more than 30 scientific experiments and taking part in numerous others from ESA's international partners during his six-month mission, named Principia, after Isaac Newtons ground-breaking Naturalis Principia Mathematica, which describes the principal laws of motion and gravity.


By Shannon Azares
Headlines & Global News

Perhaps one of the most interesting experiments yet, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration took flames into a microgravity environment in an attempt to understand how fire is affected by space and vice versa.

"Understanding how fire spreads in a microgravity environment is critical to the safety of astronauts who live and work in space," wrote NASA in their website. "Fire safety will be a critical element as NASA progresses on the journey to Mars and begins to investigate deep space habitats for long duration missions."

According to the space agency, there have been experiments held with the same objective but unfortunately it wasn't as large a scale as this.

"Previous to this experiment, the largest fire experiment that had been conducted in space is about the size of an index card."

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Honeywell Surprises "Street"


By Brooke Sutherland
Bloomberg Gadfly

In the art of relationships, it's important to manage expectations. That's a lesson Honeywell is learning all too well.

The $81 billion maker of airplane autopilot controls and fire detection systems lowered its earnings and organic revenue expectations for both the third quarter and all of 2016. Honeywell now expects earnings this year to amount to $6.64 a share at most, down from a previous forecast of as much as $6.70. That in itself wasn't great, but it was made worse by the fact that Honeywell had affirmed its previous guidance less than a month ago at a conference hosted by Morgan Stanley.

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Al Naboodah Group Launches Fire Safety Division (Middle East)


By Anirban Bagchi
ME Construction News

TransPro Systems to provide safety solutions aligned with global and local standards

Trans Gulf Electromechanical, the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) arm of Al Naboodah Group Enterprises, has launched a new fire and safety division.

TransPro Systems will offer a range of services such as fire detection and alarm systems and emergency lighting, in addition to design and development, detailed engineering, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of the safety systems.

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Deadly Blaze Highlights Fire Safety Gaps (Bangladesh)
Firefighters stand at the site of a fire at a packaging factory outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, September 10, 2016. To match Insight BANGLADESH-FIRE/REUTERS/Mohammad Ponir Hossain/File Photo


By Serajul Quadir and Ruma Paul, Dhaka

Bangladesh's safety inspectors twice extended an operating license at a food and cigarette packaging plant in the capital Dhaka without making physical checks.

That breach of rules is now being investigated by the government after a fire at the Tampaco Foils factory killed at least 39 people in September.

The cause of the Sept. 10 blaze, the country's worst industrial accident since the 2013 Rana Plaza tragedy in which more than 1,100 mostly garment workers died, is unknown. The plant's owner, a former member of parliament, has gone missing.

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threem3M Fights Foam Fracas - Denies Claim


By April Bamburg
Penn Record

PHILADELPHIA -- Eight individuals have signed on to a class action lawsuit alleging that 3M and several other defendants should be held responsible for injuries they sustained from water contaminated when others used the aqueous film forming foam, or AFFF, that 3M has sold in the past.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on Sept. 15. The lawsuit against 3M, Angus Fire, The Ansul Company, Buckeye Fire Protection Company, Chemguard and National Foam has no merit, William A. Brewer III told the Pennsylvania Record. Brewer is a partner at Brewer, Attorneys & Counselor, and serves as counsel for 3M.

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vscVSC Fire and Security Names Meehan Pres, McDonald Chairman
Mike Meehan



Both are lifelong employees and started from the ground up as apprentice trainees.

ASHLAND, VA -- VSC Fire & Security, Inc. announces that, effective January 1st, 2017, Mike Meehan will be named president and John McDonald chairman.

Meehan currently serves as senior vice president of VSC Fire & Security and manages the district office located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He also serves as chairman of the American Fire Sprinkler Association's (AFSA) 2015- 2016 Board of Directors. Meehan, who began his career with VSC Fire & Security, Inc. as a sprinkler fitter trainee in the early 1980's, has more than 35 years of service to the company in the areas of sprinkler system designer, estimating, project management and senior management.  He graduated from George Mason University in 1981 and is a NICET Level IV Certified Engineering Technician in Water-Based Systems Layout.

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bagThe Fire is "In The Bag"


By Mary Kirby
Runway Girl Network

In the wake of the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire on board a Southwest Airlines flight (the device has since been banned by the DOT), and a rising number of PED-related smoke and fire events in aircraft cabins, Baker Aviation Maintenance, master distributor for HOT-STOP 'L' Fire Containment Kits, is pushing the solution forward as capable of containing these unexpected threats.

The firm has been offering fire containment products since 2010 (lithium-ion batteries burn themselves out in the bags). As of 2014, Baker had sold in excess of 1,500 bags, and it says sales have continued to be brisk. Business jet operators from around the world - plus four major airlines - have adopted the offering in a bid to protect crew and/or cabins.

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paintAirbus Gets Fire Proof Paint


By Ellen McGann
Business Quarter

West Midlands-based Indestructible Paint has been appointed by Airbus to provide key fire protection coating systems for its aircraft.

The accreditation marks the latest in some 20 years of approval from many of the leading aerospace manufacturers in the world and reflects, in particular, on the Birmingham-based company's commitment to research and development.

Brian Norton, Indestructible Paint's managing director, said: "This latest achievement refers to our specialist IP9189A/B+IP3-0000 coating system which meets the requirements of the Airbus ABS 5941A standard.

"It will provide fire protection on the latest Airbus aircraft and is part of our recent development of intumescent paints that provide a high thermal barrier."

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russianRussian Tanks/APCs Fitted with "Intelligent" Fire Suppression System (Sputnik News)
Wikipedia/Vitaly V. Kuzmin


Sputnik International

Russia's Armata tanks and Kurganets and Bumerang APCs will be fitted out with an intellectual fire-suppression system with "black boxes" to register everything that happens on board.

The recorders are part of the PPO-25 intelligent fire control system developed by Elektromashina Association.

The PPO-25 immediately locates a flare-up and puts it out by adjusting the direction and amount of the firefighting foam depending on the intensity of the blaze.

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foamUL Lists Dry Foam


MDM Publishing Ltd
International Fire Fighter

Trelleborg applied technologies operation has received UL certification for DryFoam™, a passive fire protection system designed for vapor suppression and fire prevention.

Robert Kelly, General Manager of Trelleborg's applied technologies operation in Boston comments: "DryFoam™ underwent extensive testing during the development stages and we are excited to receive UL approval. This is a great achievement for passive fire protection applications within the petrochemical industry."

"Through the certification process, we worked with UL to write the new Buoyant Media for Protection against Full-surface Fires in Fixed Flammable and Combustible Liquid Tanks and Repositories certification and are currently manufacturing DryFoam™ to meet this standard."

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