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May 2, 2024


Air Conditioning Output & Energy Use

This Summer

The Sonoran summer heat is about to return. With the increased temperatures, we all lower our air conditioning temperature to keep our homes cool and comfortable. But did you know that setting your thermostat low doesn’t cool your home faster? People think if they make the thermostat set point 60, they'll get more cooling than a set point at 70, but that’s not correct, you get the same amount of the cooling.

Setting your thermostat to a temperature that exceeds your air conditioner’s capacity, will keep the system running continuously as it tries to cool your home to that set point, which in turn guzzles energy, shortens the life span of your system and increases utility costs. Experts say that adjusting the temperature one degree warmer, for example, can typically yield energy savings of 1 percent.

Click here if you'd like to learn:

  • The best temperature to use when it’s hot.
  • The best settings when you’re away.
  • How to manage your AC in peak hours &
  • Other cooling methods of energy savings

(Portions of the above information were paraphrased from a

July 2023 Washington Post article by Allyson Choy.)

Additional sources and information:

Best settings for your air conditioning

The right temperature for your air conditioning

Working together, we can all stay cooler,

use less energy and resources, save money &

Keep our Desert and Community Livable and Thriving.

Air Quality Awareness Week (AQAW)

May 6th – May 10th

Air Quality Awareness Week provides an opportunity for people to learn about the causes of poor air quality and how to prepare for and respond to events and environments with poor air quality – not just during the month of May, but year-round!

AQAW 2024 daily topics:

  • Mon., May 6: Wildland Fires and Smoke
  • Tues., May 7: Asthma and Your Health
  • Wed., May 8: Air Quality and Climate
  • Thurs., May 9: Air Quality and Environmental Justice
  • Fri., May 10: Air, Animals, and Plants 

Learn more here!

Air Quality Awareness Week Link

Tucson Wildlife Center

Seeking Volunteers

The Tucson Wildlife Center has been rescuing sick, injured and orphaned wild animals for more than 25 years.

Thier largely volunteer-operated nonprofit provides rescue and release services, veterinary care and rehabilitation expertise all free of charge to the public.

In addition to direct animal care, TWC staff and volunteers provide educational opportunities to the community to learn about habitat protection and peaceful coexistence with wildlife.

Click here to learn more or to volunteer your time and expertise

to assist this amazing organization.


New Monitor Training Program

Join the Flow365 Monitoring Program! WMG is searching for community members in Tucson and the surrounding area to help monitor flow in our creeks and rivers.

At this in-person training, Lauren Monheim, WMG's River Run Network Program Manager will introduce you to their 50-year vision of flowing creeks and rivers, supported by their growing River Run Network, and explain how your involvement can help protect and restore flows across the basin. 

Flow365 New Monitor Training Program Registration Link

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