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We are excited to present our new monthly newsletter, which aims to provide valuable insights into everyday life at ARPM. Each month, you can expect to read about our staff and how we're using our knowledge, skills, and experience to serve you better! Today's market is not the market of years past. ARPM has remained one step ahead of the competition by providing our owners with valuable suggestions to keep their properties rented. We continue to develop new tools that allow us to interact with our tenants in a way that is both safe and convenient, while still providing the same excellent level of customer service that our clients and customers have come to expect.
Penn State Response to COVID-19 Update
We are pleased that Penn State has announced they will be offering more in-person class options for the Summer Session, and plan to be fully back in-person this coming Fall! We continue to monitor the University's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and will alert you and our tenants as announcements are made. ARPM is excited for the prospects of a full return of our student tenants for the Fall 2021 semester! It's been lonely around here!
Employee Spotlight´╗┐
Mark Bigatel, ARM, CRB
Mark is the Founder and President of ARPM. After graduating from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Real Estate, Mark made State College his home and has devoted his time to learning and transacting business in all things real estate related. Mark's vision and leadership has allowed ARPM to grow into the leading property management company in the area, managing over 1,500 units and 11 homeowners associations. Mark is also an Associate Broker at Kissinger, Bigatel, and Brower Realtors. As a trusted community leader, Mark gives back by serving on many boards throughout the community. With his 50 years of experience serving our owners, tenants, and local community, Mark has become a knowledgeable resource in navigating the many challenges of serving our local market.
Kristen Holzwarth, CPM, CRB
Kristen is Vice-President of ARPM. She is a graduate of Penn State University, where she received a BS in Real Estate. She is a Certified Broker Appraiser and Associate Broker, and has become an expert in downtown student condo leasing and sales. Kristen's expertise is applied in increasing the value of rental properties through good management and maintenance. With over 35 years experience in the industry, Kristen fearlessly leads her team in providing expert service to owners and tenants alike. An established and trusted member of the local community, Kristen is a past member of the Board of Penn State Centre Stage and volunteers as a mentor for the Smeal College of Business. Kristen has become a "go-to resource" for appraisers, owners, and prospective buyers looking for a maximum return on their real estate investment.
Included Articles
Team Updates
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Pickle Policies
Providing excellent customer service is a top priority and is the subject of our new initiative! Based on the popular customer service series by Bob Farrell, "Give 'em the Pickle!", we are excited to be taking our customer service to the next level! Read More or Watch the Video
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