AiSPIRE offers you the ability to understand and appreciate light in an entirely new way, choosing the best experience to elevate your space and maximize your life.

AiSPIRE is a new Integrator-only lighting brand designed with custom integration in mind to elevate the human experience of light while connecting on a deeper level with the users of the space. AiSPIRE provides the broadest offering of line and low voltage LED lighting products for connected living with engineering advancements in recessed, landscape, architectural, decorative and linear tape lighting products.

AiSPIRE reveals comprehensive, groundbreaking low voltage and line voltage lighting systems that offer human centric lighting with flexible tuning, control, dimming, and installation ease while reducing the carbon footprint. AiSPIRE offers Low Voltage Remote Power Supplies that easily plug into a wall receptacle to provide Class 2 power for a system the Integrators or Contractor can wire, that operate low voltage luminaires available to outfit your space.

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ATMOSPHERE is a sophisticated line of Natural Tunable White Fixtures for the discerning client as it mimics the natural light of the Sun and offers a full blackbody curve with a CCT range of 2700K to 6500K. LEARN MORE
Our top-of-the-line AURORA introduces an unprecedented upscale offering of luminaires designed for connected living with full Visible Spectrum color tuning LEDs with color correcting optical technology offers human centric recessed downlighting. LEARN MORE
In-Ceiling ASTRO Dim-to-Warm lighting recreates the intuitive incandescent dimming curve with no required programming.LEARN MORE
ALPINE luminaires use Static White light in color constant LED luminaires of either 2700K or 3000K temperatures and are available for both low voltage and line voltage systems. LEARN MORE
Configurable LED RGB 2700K-5000K Tape Light
Architectural grade RGB and white tape light that delivers precise color consistency and brightness throughout the strip. With a high lumens output, choose a Color Temperature anywhere from 2700K to 5000K and entire visible color spectrum for a unique and custom lighting effect.
UL & cUL listed remote power supply is the perfect solution for Integrator to connect with AiSpire products offering. 
  • 72W Max. Output Power (Per Driver)
  • 250mA-1500mA output current selection
  • Class 2 power supply
  • JA8 Title24 Compliance
  • Built-in DMX512 interface

Simplifies communication between analog lighting control platforms & digitally addressed lighting fixtures 
  • Generic translator between control platforms & DMX connected lighting fixtures
  • Hosts fixture configuration
  • Store & recall presets
  • Supports Bi-Directional communication between light fixture and control platform
  • IP addressed and configured via onboard web server
  • SDDP compatible
  • CE & FCC Compliant


AiSPIRE’s in-house teams, as well as third-party software developers, enable customized programming and hardware development to stretch the limits of how our luminaires can serve you better within each control ecosystem such as Control4, Legrand Vantage, Lutron, Savant, Crestron (and more). By upgrading lighting with intelligent sensing and notification, AISPIRE pushes the boundaries to create endless connected possibilities.
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