Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance communications plans for 2019 include monthly e-newsletters featuring the foundational pillars of the Headwaters Food Charter . The Charter was developed in 2016 in partnership with WDG Public Health and has been endorsed by most municipalities in Dufferin County and Caledon, plus hundreds of citizens and organizations.
This series is intended to keep you informed about issues and events related to the Headwaters Food Charter's 6 Pillars, 15 Goals and 27 Actions to improve our food system.
Agricultural Sustainability
"We value a diverse and prosperous farming community."
FREE Film for February: Before the Plate
B efore the Plate  is a 90 minute film narrated by John Horne, Executive Chef at Canoe Restaurant Toronto. He visits potato, beef, vegetable, honey, dairy, sunflower and grain farmers in south central Ontario and discusses food production of various types - all for ingredients of foods he prepares in his restaurants. 

The video is free to view online for the month of February only !

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