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Did you know hormone imbalance, fatigue, insomnia, hair loss, wrinkles (yes, that's right, wrinkles), and joint pain can be caused by unbalanced blood sugar? The bottom line is sugar, including white flour, causes inflammation, which leads to nearly all of our health problems. Although many of us get fasting glucose tested, our fasting insulin levels are usually not tested. Fasting insulin can be high for years before our blood glucose levels rise. Ask for hemoglobin A1c, fasting insulin, and fasting glucose at your next doctor's appointment.

Ideally, reducing sugar is the best option, so when I want something sweet, I bake with Stevia or monk fruit to reduce sugar. But did you know that simply changing the order in which you eat your meal can influence your blood sugar spike? See the interview below with scientist Jessie Inchauspe for practical tips to still enjoy some of the foods you love without the spike (yes, reducing is still important but most of us would like to enjoy some holiday treats without feeling fatigued, right???)

Coming in for regular acupuncture treatments will also help blood sugar regulation by improving pancreatic function and increasing insulin sensitivity as well as supporting your immune system. I can also customize your supplements to keep you strong and healthy during this time. (See our holiday survival strategies below!)

To make enhancing your immune system easier, I've gathered simple steps and supplements below. (Did you know gargling several times a day can prevent a cold from taking hold?)

Enjoy your holiday!!

"If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?" Dr. Wayne Dyer

In health,

Dr. Chantelle DeShazer, L.Ac. Ph.D. MTOM

Glucose Goddess Sugar Hacks

"Surprise Hacks To Balance Your Blood Sugar with Jessie Inchauspé" features Jessie Inchauspé, also known as the "Glucose Goddess," discussing her strategies for balancing blood sugar and increasing insulin sensitivity. Here are the key points:

  1. Impact of Foods on Blood Sugar: Most people are unaware of how their favorite foods affect their blood sugar and overall health. Common symptoms of blood sugar imbalances include hunger after eating, cravings for sweets, acne, hormonal imbalances, wrinkles, and more severe issues like type 2 diabetes, infertility, fatty liver disease, and dementia.
  2. Eating Order: Jessie recommends a specific order for consuming food to enhance metabolic health. Start with fiber, such as vegetables, then proteins and fats, and finally, healthy carbohydrates.
  3. Vinegar and Walking: Drinking a tablespoon of vinegar in a large glass of water before meals and taking a walk after meals reduce blood sugar spikes.
  4. Monitoring Glucose Reactions: Jessie emphasizes the importance of monitoring glucose reactions and how it has significantly improved her mental health.

You can ask your doctor to prescribe a continuous glucose monitor or track the foods you eat and how you feel afterwards to see if that food spikes your blood sugar.

Egg Stuffed Breakfast Peppers

Recipe Link: Egg Stuffed Breakfast Peppers

More Savory Breakfast Ideas from the Glucose Goddess

Cold & Flu Season Protection

The best strategy for avoiding or at least minimizing the effects of getting or managing a cold or flu, is to strengthen your immune system. Here are a number of strategies that can help you.

1. According to Chinese medicine, the lungs do not like cold or dryness. The mucus membranes protect us from the germs. Japanese doctors say that taking a few sips of water every 15 minutes will wash any oral virus down into the stomach where the acid will kill the virus. Drink warm immune boosting teas, throat coat tea and eat warm soups.     


2. Humidity: get a hygrometer to measure your room's humidity. Ideal is 40-60%. Air out rooms to prevent mold. Use humidifier and add Thieves oil blend (or 1:4 parts hydrogen peroxide to water in the humidifier) ​​   


3. Be mindful of getting chilled. It weakens your Wei Qi, or your protective qi (Chinese for 'vital energy'). We all know how uncomfortable it is to sit under an air vent. Wear a scarf around your neck and wrap around your mouth to breathe warm air if you go out in the cold.     


4. Take mushroom immunity blend (OM brand). Take an adrenal formula (Vital or Power Adapt by Natura)   


5. Take Chinese herbal immunity blend, such as Jade Windscreen or at least astragulus.     

See the full article Cold & Flu Season Protection 

Remember the lifestyle basics to nurture immunity: sleep, exercise, meditation, laughter, eating whole foods and minimizing stress (including less news and social media). Practicing gratitude (see my new Journal below!) will help to you stay centered and calm. And remember, if all else fails, just breathe!

All recommended supplements can be found on Fullscript - see Chantelle's Immune Support Protocol for this list. New to Fullscript? Click on the icon below to create an account and receive 10% discount on all your orders!

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Surviving the Holidays

Here's a list of strategies for handling festive occasions where food and alcohol are plentiful and the temptations to over-indulge are everywhere!. Consider these strategies to help you stay in control so you enjoy the festivities guilt-free!:

  • Don’t go hungry – have food on hand
  • Eat before you go to an event
  • Treat the event as a small frequent meal not an eating frenzy
  • Small plate – fill with protein veggies first
  • Get creative in preparing foods – lots of healthy alternatives
  • Get support – ask for help from friends, or other supportive people.
  • After a party offer the leftovers to friends, neighbors, etc. esp. cakes and pies
  • Plan ahead

See all the strategies here: Surviving the Holidays

Therapeutic Calming Massage

Experience relief from chronic pain through various techniques used to alleviate muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Our massage therapist Jessie Hogue can also address specific issues such as headaches, back pain, and joint stiffness, promoting flexibility and range of motion.

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