New Intel Agilex 7 I-Series Accelerator Cards, M-Series Shipping Q4, Storage Solution Brief, DDR4/5 Comparison, and FMS

We’re at FMS this week with new I-Series cards, a solution brief from Intel focused on Eideticom’s compression engine, and a new article comparing performance of DDR4, DDR5, and other large memory options.

I-Series New Cards in Development

We’re excited to announce two cards in development that take advantage of the large (4M LEs) Intel Agilex AGI041 device + on-card Flash or MCIO expansion to storage arrays. Of course, it’s got PCIe 5.0 x16 and CXL for fast host interaction.

IA-820i (M.2 Storage)
IA-821i (MCIO Expansion)

IA-860m Shipping Q4

Our HBM2-enabled IA-860m is on track for Q4 customer shipments. If this card is of interest, be sure to contact sales soon to get in the early access program. This card features the Intel Agilex M-Series AGM039, PCIe 5.0 x16, CXL, and a range of networking and expansion I/O.

IA-860m Product Page

TeraBox with PCIe 5.0/CXL

Need a high-density server that supports PCIe 5.0 and CXL? Our 1U, 4-card TeraBox 1500b series offers a range of dual-CPU options, front-panel port access for cards, and comes pre-integrated to get you started quickly!

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Intel Solution Brief on Storage

BittWare partner Eideticom is featured in an Intel solution brief focused on storage acceleration, specifically using NoLoad Transparent Compression. Benchmark results include 96% CPU reduction plus 24% power savings.

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Comparing DDR4 and DDR5 Article

We’re excited to support the latest tech like DDR5, which is available on a card we are developing, the IA-865m. But how does DDR5 compare to DDR4 in configurations common with FPGA cards? And is high-performance memory like HBM still a significant performance boost? Learn more in our comparison article.

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Headed to Flash Memory Summit this week? Visit us at booth 734 and talk about our cards, modules, and partners for computational storage acceleration.

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