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Issue # 40 - APRIL 2018

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Events we Recommend

Worldwide - Online
April 10 -  May 15
Spirituality and Mental Health Seminar
15 CEU contact hours!

St. Louis, MO. - April 15
with Thomas John
and Suzane Northrop 

Portland, OR, April 14-15
Multiple presenters

San Francisco - April 18
with Terri Daniel 

Petaluma, CA . May 4-6
with Terri Daniel
and Austyn Wells

Johnson City, TN. May 4-6
Sound Healing Workshop
with Pati Pellerito
Evolving Our Images of God 
I would like to introduce you to the work of scholar and theologian James Fowler, who studied the ways that people mature in their understanding of the divine. I did my master's thesis on how loss, trauma and grief have the potential to push us through Fowler's "stages of faith," and I think you will find his work helpful for your own spiritual journey.
Fowler proposed that there are six levels of understanding that range from a young child's view in which myths and stories literal, to a more universal view where one moves beyond doctrines and theological boxes. Read more about it HERE. You can buy his book HERE. 
Important to note: Humans don't automatically progress through these stages in the same way a baby progresses through the normal, expected stages of development. I think progression through these stages is a choice, not a given. Most people stay securely lodged in Stage Three -- maybe venturing a tiny bit into Stage Four -- for most of their lives. Some never move past Stage Two. They're not really "stages" (because not everybody can be expected to move through them). They're more like evolving levels of awareness.

Terri Daniel, MA, CT
Founder, The Original Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy

Revising Your Death Care Plan 
by Caroline Vuyadinov  
Illustration by Charles Santoso

Once we make our death plans, we must revisit this plan from time to time. As human, we should expect that we will change our minds on a few things, and death care might be one of them.  Once or twice a year I take my plan out, give it a good look over and revise what needs revising.  I do not pretend that this process is fun or easy. Who likes to imagine one's death?  I do not. Making a death care plan is an act of love for those who must do the work. I make and revise my death care plan because I know how hard it is to be the family trying to figure out what to do at the time of death.   READ MORE...

Two California Events with Terri Daniel 

San Francisco, April 18, 6-8 pm 
Mini-grief workshop - FREE! 

Petaluma, May 4-6
Grieving Between Heaven and Earth
Weekend  Retreat
(price includes meals and lodging)

Hospice Physician Karen Wyatt  Launches
"A Year of Reading Dangerously" 

Please join Dr. Karen Wyatt for a unique online reading group where you can explore  death, dying and the afterlife with like-minded people who want to  push the boundaries of our belief systems about these taboo topics. It's free of charge, and full of vital information! Sign up HERE. 

If you'd like to listen to Karen's interview with Terri Daniel about the various forms of hidden grief we experience in our lives, you can find it  HERE. 

Meet Medium Thomas John

Thomas has been part of the Afterlife Conference Since 2016, and we are delighted to be bringing him back for 2018. If you aren't already familiar with his work, take a look at this video. He will be featured on Sunday morning at the afterlife conference doing gallery-style audience readings. 

Afterlife Conference
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