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  Messages from the
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Boca Raton, FL. March 11
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Petaluma, CA. May 4-6
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Christian vs. "New Age" Beliefs 
Some of you may have already seen this post in our Facebook group last month, but I think it's so important that I want to reproduce it here.

In the process of doing research for my doctoral dissertation on toxic theologies, I came across something that really hooked me. It's a chart published by a Christian website comparing "New Age" beliefs with Christian beliefs.
Even though the website is strongly fundamentalist Christian (their statement of faith says, "The Bible is verbally inspired by the Holy Spirit, wholly true, without error in the original canon of 66 books"), I was impressed with their even-handed and accurate description of New Age theology. For me, seeing the two theologies side-by-side just confirmed my sense that some of the Christian concepts are indeed quite toxic.

One of the Facebook comments came from my friend Brant Huddleston, (a former evangelical), who said, " It's like comparing an apple to a fruit bowl. The "New Age" column is the bowl, containing snippets of everything from Buddhism to Wicca. Having lived in both columns -- I like the fruit bowl better."

Click HERE to see the chart

Rev. Terri Daniel, MA, CT
Founder, The Original Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy

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How the Mushroom Death Suit
Will Change the Way We Die
by Jae Rhim Lee
(reproduced from the TED Fellows website)

In 2007, I traveled to Northern California for an artist residency where I hoped to kickstart research to create an "antidote" to the cultural death denial I saw everywhere: our discomfort with aging, the growing interest in cryonics and life extension, and American funeral practices that use toxic, carcinogenic embalming fluid to inhibit the return of the body to nature. Cremation is no better, emitting persistent organic pollutants, particulate matter and heavy metals into the atmosphere. In the US, the practice uses enough fossil fuels each year to drive halfway to the sun.  READ MORE

Orlando Presenter Needed
Photo by Joshua Barajas/PBS NewsHour

Because the Afterlife Conference will be held in Orlando, Florida this year, we are dedicating the conference to those who died -- and those who grieve -- as a result of the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting. 

We are looking for a local person who can give a presentation about their personal experience with that event (from a spiritual perspective related to forgiveness, grieving or after-death communication). If you know such a person (and he or she is a good public speaker) please invite them to submit a proposal to us via THIS URL.  

The 2018 Afterlife Conference 
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We recently learned of an undiscovered manuscript by the late Debbie Ford, beloved spiritual teacher and New York Times bestselling author. It's now been published, and if you purchase it through either Amazon or Barnes & Noble you'll receive bonus gifts that includes a channeled interview with Debbie from medium James Van Praagh. 

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