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Issue # 34 - October 2017

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Events we

Cromwell, CT -  Nov. 5
Mediumship Workshop
with Suzane Northrop

Santa Rosa, CA. Nov. 11
with Terri Daniel

Findhorn, Scotland
Nov. 11-13
Guts and God workshop
with Carolyn Myss

Makawao, HI  - Nov. 27
with Krishna Das

Chicago, IL. Nov 28
with Thomas John

Las Vegas, NV. Dec. 10
The Compassionate Friends
Candle Lighting Ceremony

with Terri Daniel 
Messages from the Divine

If you follow me on Facebook you've probably already heard this story, but it bears repeating.  

On the first day of the intense fires in Santa Rosa, CA a few weeks ago (I live 10 miles from there), I was watering my garden in the smoky air, and I noticed something unusual in one of
the  flower pots. It was a burnt page from The Bible that had been carried on the wind from somebody's burning house... ten miles away!

Naturally, this  amazed me. The debris that blew into my yard from the fire could have contained a page from a car repair manual or a comic book, but instead, it was this page, and the passage was extremely relevant. It was  Matthew 10:16-20, w here Jesus tells his disciples to go out into the world to teach and heal, but warns that their work may anger people because it will challenge established belief systems and social structures.
the work I do (and the work many of you do as well), this is a powerful message for all of us. The cosmic communique that landed in my garden reminds us that guidance from Spirit is always raining down upon us; we simply have to know how to listen and interpret. It also clarifies that teaching about consciousness is a sacred calling, and when we feel that the divine is speaking through us with messages of love and awakening, we should trust that feeling.
Rev. Terri Daniel, MA, CT
Founder, The Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor,  Interfaith Chaplaincy, Bereavement  Support
Speaking of Saying Things
That People Don't Want to Hear...

Russell Targ is a physicist who spent several decades working in a US government program exploring psychic phenomena, out of body experiences  and remote viewing. His presentation in this video was scheduled to be part of a TEDx event in 2013, but the organization pulled their support when they learned about the subject matter. TED doesn't consider this material to be "within the realms of viable science," and has banned several other talks on similar subjects. Read more HERE.

Here's another banned TED talk... this one by Graham Hancock about shamanism, visionary plants and consciousness: 


More from NDE Researcher Dr. Sam Parnia

If you've been reading this newsletter for the last few months, you'll know that we are big fans of Dr. Sam Parnia, who is today's leading researcher on near-death experience (which by the way, isn't really  about being "near" death... it is more accurately "after" clinical death). We are such big fans of Parnia that we've been trying to invite him to speak at the Afterlife Conference for the past couple of years, but we can't find any reliable contact info for him (if you know how to reach him, let us know).

HERE is a recent news story featuring Parnia that includes an argument from the other side of the aisle claiming that NDEs are merely the brain hallucinating due to lack of oxygen. 

Save the Date - Nov. 1-4, Orlando, FL.
2018 Afterlife Conference Update
Our 2018 venue: The Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside 

The conference is still a year away, but things are moving along beautifully as we continue to book speakers, build our 2018 web page, set up promotional partnerships and do the thousands of tasks required to make the conference happen. Registration will open on January 1st, and don't forget... as a subscriber to this newsletter you get a $50 earlybird discount and several other benefits.   

We are delighted that medium Thomas John will be joining us again in 2018. He'll be doing our Sunday morning audience reading session, and also offering private reading and a small group. Take a peek at his remarkable mediumship abilities HERE.

Become an Afterlife Conference Ambassador

To kick off our 8th annual conference, we are inviting a select group of friends and colleagues to join our new Afterlife Conference Ambassadors program. If you work in the fields of death awareness, afterlife studies or bereavement and are actively involved in marketing to a network of followers, we invite you to partner with us. Click HERE for details.
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