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Issue # 34 - October 2017

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Multiple Dates 
and Locations
  Shamanic Teachings
with Linda Fitch



Colorado Springs, 
Oct. 7
  The Evolution of Forgiveness 
with Terri Daniel

Santa Rosa, CA
Nov. 7
Conscious Dying:An Experiential Encounter with the Soul Through Death and Beyond



 Folsom, CA
Oct. 13 and 14
Messages from
the Spirit World

Cromwell, CT

Richmond, VA.
Oct. 23
The Good Grief

Save the Date!
The 8th Annual 
Afterlife Conference
Nov. 1-4, Orlando, FL.

I t's still a year away, but planning our annual conference is a full-time job, and we're hard at work putting together our roster for 2018. Our new web page will be up in early November, and earlybird  registration opens in December. Stay tuned for updates and announcements. 

I n the meantime, some important messages... 

1. Next month we launch the  Afterlife Conference Ambassadors program for  those who would like to be promotional partners. Perks include commission fees, ads in our printed program, your flyers in conference goodie bags, and much more. Details to come.

2. Although we've expanded our focus to include mainstream content related to end-of-life care, scientific research and theological study, much of our audience is primarily interested in messages from mediums. So in 2018 we will have an "open reading room"  where mediums will offer FREE gallery-style audience readings throughout the day.

3. FYI: Ever since we started our conference in 2010, we have faced challenges from other organizations referring to themselves as "The Afterlife Conference." Please note that we are the origina l Afterlife Conference, and we trademarked that name in 2011. Some folks have confused us with a conference that's been held in Arizona for the past few years, but we are not affiliated with that group, even through they sometimes refer to their event as "the afterlife conference."

Rev. Terri Daniel, MA, CT
Founder, The Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor,  Interfaith Chaplaincy, Bereavement  Support
Invisible Helpers
by Terri Daniel

Many people involved in afterlife research believe that the most reliable accounts of communication across dimensions come from documents published prior to 1950 (before mediumship became a fad). Back in those days these activities were considered "dabbling in the occult," and were kept in the closet for fear of being shunned by society, church and family. But a few brave explorers stood firm in their convictions and published books and articles about their experiences. 

One of the most important accounts from that era is a book published in 1915 by CW Leadbeater called Invisible Helpers. This book has tremendous significance for me because it verified many of the communications I was receiving, and I wrote about it in my 2010 book, Embracing Death. To read about Invisible Helpers and my remarkable experience with it,  CLICK HERE.

You can read  Invisible Helpers in its entirety online at  THIS URL.

Dr. Sam Parnia:
A Leading Voice in the Medical Community
on behalf of NDE Research

If you are not already familiar with Dr. Parnia, we invite you to take a moment to watch these two videos.  The first focuses on Dr. Parnia's research with cardiac arrest patients who've died and been  resuscitated:

The second features Parnia with  neurologist Kevin Nelson, psychiatrist Peter Fenwick and orthopedic surgeon Mary Neal discussing how they analyze such experiences in light of their own backgrounds and training: 


Coming to California November 11
Conscious Dying: 
An Experiential Encounter
with the Journey of the Soul 

I am very excited to announce a new workshop that will be of interest to those who want to learn more about spiritual practices for death, dying, grieving and communicating with the other side.  Conscious Dying: An Experiential Encounter with the Soul Through Death and Beyond. It will be held in Santa Rosa, CA on Nov. 11, 2017 , and space is limited, so if you're interested, you'll need to register soon to secure a place.  Click HERE for details and registration. 

The Best Song About Death  Ever !

While driving the other day I heard this song on Prarie Home Companion and listened in amazement, with tears flowing. Of all the songs ever written about death, from old-time gospel tunes to new age meditations, I've never heard one that hits the mark about conscious dying like this one does. Listen to the song in the video above (you can find the lyrics HERE) .   

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