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Issue # 69 - SEPTEMBER 2020
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A Message From the Editor

Online Monthly
with Austyn Wells

Sept. 10 - Oct. 29 ONLINE
with Dr. Terri Daniel
12 CE Credits!


Sept. 11 - ONLINE
The Institute of Noetic Sciences

Sept. 20 ONLINE
with Thomas John and Friends


Oct. 6 - ONLINE
Sponsored by the
Hospice Foundation of America
With Ken Doka and Terri Daniel


Oct. 17 - ONLINE
The Theosophical Society
with Terri Daniel

The Afterlife Conference Will (hopefully) be LIVE in 2021

As you know, we had to cancel our 2020 conference because of Covid, but we ended up producing a very successful online version of it (which you can still watch... see LIVESTREAM article below).

The virtual conference was so good that I would love to do them all online going forward. Unfortunately, the only way we could get out of our 2020 contract with the hotel (without paying an enormous penalty) was to reschedule it for another date, so now we’re committed to having a live conference in 2021.

Of course we have no idea what life in America will look like at that point, so we’re prepared to do it virtually again if necessary.

We're putting the word out to our staff, speakers and volunteers (and of course to all of you) to SAVE THE DATE (June 24-27, Chicago) in the hope that we can return to our normal conference format. Speakers are now being booked, and will be announced in December.

Mark your calendar!

Rev. Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP
Founder, The Original Afterlife Conference
End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy,
Bereavement and Trauma Support

Latest Episode Now Available

This month Doctor Death talks with Daniel Foor PhD, a teacher and practitioner whose training as a doctor of psychology and licensed marriage and family therapist informs his work with earth-honoring traditions such as European pagan paths, Native American ways, Mongolian shamanism, and West African Ifá/Òrìṣà traditions. In this episode, he talks with us about calling on our ancestors to assist in our spiritual work, and how to identify the "troubled dead" who are not yet ancestors. We also discuss racism, cultural amnesia and cultural appropriation. Listen HERE.
New Survey on the Survival of Consciousness After Death
Invites Participants to Share Their Experiences
The Institute of Noetic Studies (IONS) is launching a study called “What Survives Death?” and is asking for your participation.

Much attention has been paid to studying the afterlife in the media and in research studies, especially in regard to whether or not people believe it. But we rarely ask “What part of us (if any) survives our physical death?” Personality, memories, soul, nothing, or something else?

The purpose of this survey is to explore this question. The 5-7 minute anonymous questionnaire can be found HERE.

And speaking of IONS, they are offering a FREE online workshop on Sept. 11 about consciousness after death. Details HERE.
A Message to Our Friends in Oregon
As many of you know, after living in Oregon for ten years, Afterlife Conference founder (and creator of this newsletter) Terri Daniel moved to northern California from Oregon to enter a doctoral program at the San Francisco Theological Seminary. She graduated in May 2019, and is now planning to return to the Portland area. If you can help with recommendations for a living space and some job leads, please Click on this PDF.
New Professional Continuing Education Course
in Spirituality and Bereavement
Whether you're a bereavement professional, a caregiver or a spiritual seeker, you will gain wisdom, skills and experience in this unique course, which will increase your understanding of the psycho-spiritual aspects of the mourning process via techniques and practices for addressing the theological, social and family issues that often face the dying and the bereaved.

. Two academic credits for degree-seeking students
. 12 CE credit hours for nurses, social workers, counselors and more!

Details and registration HERE.

Offer Ends September 30

Close Out Discount for the 2020 Afterlife Conference

Save 25% with promo code CLOSEOUT25

Even though we had to cancel the 2020 Afterlife Conference in Chicago, you can still attend, because we're bringing it to you ONLINE! Watch it live, in real time, or watch the recording at your convenience any time until September 30.

The producers are now offering a 25% discount through August and September. Use promo code CLOSEOUT25 when purchasing. DETAILS HERE.
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