Africans Oppose Biden's Abortion Money
Email Biden & Officials: Protect the Hyde Amendment at Home

Late last week, President Biden signed an executive order rescinding the Mexico City Policy, reactivating U.S. funding of abortion across the globe.

How sad that America, instead of being a beacon of hope across the globe, is exporting an extreme abortion agenda. But don't just take it from me. Here's the voices of pro-life advocates in Africa appealing to Biden to not fund abortion there.
We know Biden now has his sights set on getting rid of the Hyde Amendment, a provision in Federal law passed each year since 1976 that stops the complete funding of abortion in Medicaid. National Right to Life estimates that the Hyde Amendment has saved 2 million babies from abortion since 1976.

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,
Benjamin Clapper
'Stand for Life Louisiana!' Events Promoting Life Successfully Held Throughout the State
Our "Stand for Life Louisiana!" Statewide Outreach on Jan. 23, which replaced the 2021 Louisiana Life Marches cancelled due to COVID restrictions, was a huge success! Hundreds, possibly thousands, of Louisiana residents were out on the streets of their communities sharing the pro-life message with passersby. Prior to the "life chain" event, a small group of folks gathered at the State Capitol for a Roe v. Wade Memorial service, which was streamed live on Facebook.

President Biden Pushing Abortion Agenda; Email Leaders to Protect Hyde Amendment
President Biden has signed an executive order opening wide the door to more tax-payer funding of abortion businesses both in the states and abroad. Tragically, America will return to pushing abortion across the globe. The next step comes when the Biden Administration, together with Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Schumer, try to eliminate the Hyde Amendment that right now prevents your tax dollars from paying for abortions in Medicaid. Now is the time to contact your Senators and Congressman to ask them to protect the Hyde Amendment!

Last week, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) reintroduced the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act in the U.S. Senate, and Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), the House Whip, and Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.) reintroduced the bill in the U.S. House of Representatives.
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The majority of abortions happening in America are among the college student age group, and Louisiana Right to Life is addressing the problem with its new "They're Human Too" display! We are excited to bring this display to college campuses across Louisiana this semester to educate students on the issue of abortion.
Outreach Director Pastor Brian Gunter partnered with Texas Right to Life and spoke at the March for Life at Planned Parenthood in Lubbock, Texas, this past week. He also participated in a dinner with pro-life physicians and pregancy center directors while there. (Brian is at the 36:44 mark of video below.)
The 2021 PULSE schedule is being finalized, but the first PULSE Weekend Immersion is scheduled for March 26-28 at Camp Istrouma near Baton Rouge. Registration is now open!
Do you want to volunteer to work in the pro-life movement? Louisiana Right to Life could use your talents and time in a variety of areas, from helping at events to helping out in the office and much more!
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