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November 15, 2021

Weekly Highlights

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The Suffragist Reenactment Society

Did you miss the show when it came to town at the Briggs? Catch this "fast-paced, fun journey through the history of how women fought for and won the right to vote in the United States... addressing the complex interplay of race and gender in the suffrage movement and how this continues to impact us to this day."  Written by Mary Beth McNulty and directed by Laura Roald, recorded at Montpelier City Arts Hall Oct. 30, 2021.

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NH Governor and Executive Council Meeting Nov. 9

View last week's meeting in which the NH Executive Council dramatically reversed its 10/13 vote, now accepting $22.5 million in federal aid for Covid vaccination work.

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Great Trials of the 20th Century 

The only criminal trial in US Supreme Court history held a Tennessee Sheriff and lynch mob accountable for the death of Ed Johnson in 1906. Learn more about The United States vs. Shipp in Maynard Gold's Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning fall 2021 lecture course. Produced by Jan Abbott.

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Local Government on CATV 

Tune in to CATV YouTube LIVE stream Monday, Nov. 15 6:30-8pm for the Town of Hartford Summit on Affordable Housing. The program will re-broadcast on cable Comcast 1085/ VTEL 170&1170 this week. Visit for schedules and local government meetings on-demand.

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CATV Podcasts

Listen to new episodes of SPARK and other popular CATV content now on CATV Podcasts. Got an idea for a podcast? CATV's getting set up to help you produce it!

This week at CATV...

CATV Fall Media Labs


Monday, Nov. 15

6-9pm via Zoom

(again 11/21 1-4pm)

In this workshop, we will focus on helping our artists enhance their voices, while also applying structure into the stories they wish to tell.

Rivers Cahee is a screenwriter and learning filmmaker from Lafayette, LA. During his time at Dartmouth College, he pivoted from football to the arts. Based in New York City, he currently writes for AMC studios.


Interviewing Techniques for Podcast, Livestream and Documentary

Tuesday, Nov. 16

6-9pm at CATV in the HACTC

(or Zoom)

Better interviews mean better guests, better audience engagement and better results for your podcast, livestream or documentary. 

Woodstock-based Marion Abrams is a content creation coach & consultant with deep experience in podcasting and video creation, she built Spartan’s podcast from an audience of 0 to over 35 million views & downloads.


Digital Music Production

Wednesday 11/17

6-9pm at CATV in the HACTC (or Zoom)

or Saturday 11/20 1-4pm

In this hands-on workshop, I will share my current interest: orchestral music composition to for film and video games using GarageBand and the BBC Orchestra to explore the storytelling power of music, as well as the nuts and bolts of creating it with entirely digital tools. 

Hanover, NH-based Chris Lehmann is a composer, producer and musician who creates almost all of his music electronically, releasing 30+ original songs with a YouTube following of 1000+ for his music and producing tutorial videos.


Fall Media Labs

Now open for enrollment

Fall Media Labs run through 12/8

$35/Lab, $90/3 or $150/all 7

Stretch new creative muscles or get back in shape while meeting fellow

Upper Valley media professionals sharing their trades and talents in master class-styled “media labs.” No previous experience required.

From around the region...


CATV partners with the Vermont Access Network for HD (high def) community-produced content on Comcast 1070 (VT) and streaming everywhere.

CATV supports lifelong learning to engage the tools of media for individual and community expression in the Upper Valley.

CATV's team also covers local community events, government, and school board meetings for cable and streaming. Contact us to get involved!

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