A Message from Dean Thomason
Threshold Fund Update

In this pandemic time, when so many people are living at the edge of homelessness, the Saint Mark’s Cathedral Threshold Fund is one way that our community is providing resources to help - and a way that you can help! The more we can give, the more families we can assist. Donate here to be part of the work of the Threshold Fund.

The Threshold Fund helps families experiencing homelessness by providing financial assistance with rental deposits and move-in costs, lowering the financial barrier to safe, permanent housing. Saint Mark’s partners with Catholic Community Services (CCS) to administer the program, which includes case management to ensure people obtain the support services they need to continue to manage.

Since its establishment by Saint Mark’s Cathedral in 2019, the Threshold Fund has disbursed nearly $35,000 in grants and loans to 28 households, among them eight who were able to make their way into safe and secure housing during this difficult pandemic time. 
"The Threshold Fund is designed to offer the community of Saint Mark's another point of entry in responding to the [homelessness] crisis - providing access to permanent, safe housing... "
-Dean Thomason
Our case worker reports:

The Threshold fund has been essential in family reunification of parents and children who have entered foster care. Many parents have worked hard to fulfill the requirements of the foster care system, and housing is often the last piece. Affordable family housing in King County is a rare find and move-in costs put this tough goal out of reach for many who live paycheck to paycheck. The Threshold fund removes this barrier so that parents can focus on what matters most.
One such parent is the father of two young children who was facing homelessness. With the quick response of the Threshold Fund, he was able to move into safe housing, allowing for a stable home for his family, and keeping them together. His relief and happiness in being able to provide his children with a home is what the Threshold Fund is all about.
We can do more!
During this Easter Season, consider making a gift to the Saint Mark’s Cathedral Threshold Fund, and know that your generosity will directly impact the lives of people, right here in our midst.
To donate to the Threshold Fund online, go to saintmarks.org/give. Or contact Erik Donner in the church office 206.323.0300 ext. 217 or edonner@saintmarks.org.