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Below you will find all the most up to date information on Sunday Service, our Weekly Rhythms, and Upcoming Events! We also often answer financial questions, recap celebrations, and share "God is Good" moments as a way of leaning into our core values of Adventure, Discipleship, and Authenticity. If you ever have any questions or a need you can email those listed in an applicable section below or send us an email HERE. May Jesus meet you gently as you live into His call this week.

We can't wait to see you for Worship on Sunday!

Service at 10:00am - Worship Center & Online

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Sermon Series: The Act or Action

-ation: noun suffix. The act, or action, or process of doing something.

An encounter with Jesus always necessitates a response, an action. We must “put into practice” that which we experienced through the power of the Holy Spirit. As we return from our Lenten focus on considering what we believe in light of Christ, now we must put into practice that which we’ve been shown. This series will follow the early church as the narrative in the book of Acts transitions from Paul to Peter, from Jew to Gentile, from the known to the unknown.


Sunday, May 26th

Interpretation: a particular adaptation or version of a work, method, or style.

In Acts 9:43, Luke gives this strange detail about Peter staying in Joppa after the healing of Tabitha. Paul states in Galatians 2 that he was given the gospel for the uncircumcised while Peter had been given the gospel for the circumcised. This just means that Paul was sent out to evangelize amongst the Gentiles while Peter would go into the synagogues and minister to faithful Jews. However, what we are about to see in the book of Acts is that Peter needs to understand the distance the Gospel extends to before he returns to preach it amongst the Hebrews. In verse 43, Luke describes Peter on the edge, both geographically and theologically on the boundary between Jews and Gentiles. The stage is set for the next dramatic step of the Gospel.

Daily Prayers, Digging Deeper Guide and coordinating Life Group Curriculum are available each week on Sunday to further explore this Sermon Series. You can find those resources (for this week and ALL previous weeks) HERE or at the Welcome Center on Sunday.

Adventure:Kids News

This Sunday in Adventure:Kids, we begin a new unit on the early church. We'll explore Acts 1, where kids will learn that although Jesus ascended to heaven, He did not leave us alone. He sent the Holy Spirit to be with us and to help us do God's work. 

New Key Passage: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." - Galatians 5:22-23

We can't wait to see you this Sunday!

Sermon notes and challenges for families are available on the Adventure:Kids Facebook page, OR click here for a pdf version.

Adventure hosts Family Kitchen

TODAY, April 24th at 5:00pm

Family Kitchen meals are available the last two Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays of each month at First Lutheran Community Church at 5 pm. If you, or someone you know, is in need of a meal, please consider stopping by to enjoy dinner with us (no questions asked!).

Saturday Seminar

THIS Saturday, May 25th

8:30am potluck breakfast, 9:00am-Noon Seminar

Saturday Seminars are back! Join us for a seminar on the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount with Dr. Paul Metzger from Multnomah Seminary. Our hope is that together we can dig into more in-depth study of the Scriptures and provide a context for biblical education that, hopefully, leads to a more transformed life.

Teens and adults are welcome to attend. Cost is $15, cash or check at the door. Join us at 8:30am for an optional potluck breakfast before the seminar starts at 9:00am.

If possible, please register ahead of time to let us know you are coming HERE (but also, if you decide last minute, just come!)

Questions? Email CJ.

BaseCamp is Partnering with Outreach for

Missions in May!

Wednesdays at 5:45pm

Just a couple more weeks of this Session of BaseCamp before we head into summer, but get excited there's fun stuff in store these last two weeks and we're looking ahead to some summer hang outs! Need more BaseCamp details, visit HERE!

This Week at Missions in May at BaseCamp:

This week is our Off-Site Night! Groups have been planning this final night of Missions in May for weeks, thinking about who and where in our community we can love on those in our mission fields. So this Wednesday we are heading out to help care for others with service projects, or some groups have plans to make something that evening that will help spread the love in the future. If you regularly attend BaseCamp make sure to check in your group to see what they've planned. If you are joining last minute, there will be some opportunities here at the church. Our Adventure Youth are still meeting at the church to eat dinner together and help with a mission project!

Dinner for Off-Site Night!

Many groups have decided to do dinner on their own, but if you signed up for box dinners they will be available to pick up at the church starting at 5pm. There will be allergen free versions for those of you who have communicated specific food allergies. If you didn't get a chance to sign up, but still need a box dinner, email Sam.

Bingo Night!

Wednesday, June 5th at 5:45pm

Join us for a night of bingo, fun, and awesome prizes sponsored by various ministries at Adventure! Let's finish session 3 of BaseCamp with a celebration!

We'll have pizza and salad for dinner, and a dessert potluck. As an added bonus, our Adventure Youth will be selling extra Bingo cards to raise funds for youth summer camp. See a prize that you like? Buy some extra cards to try to win! This is open to anyone, not just those who attended BaseCamp this year.

What to bring: a sweet treat to share, and extra cash to buy more Bingo tickets and send our youth to camp! 

Celebration Sunday

Sunday, June 2nd

On Celebration Sunday we will pause as a church family from our regularly scheduled sermons in order to testify about what we’ve seen and heard in the life of our church. We will celebrate what God is doing in our church and in individuals as we rejoice with people as they receive the sacrament of baptism, as we participate in communion together, and as we celebrate our High School Graduates!

We also hope you will plan to join us after service as we continue the celebration in the Friendship Center, we'll continue celebrating those who were baptized, our Grads, have space to talk about some things we've seen and heard God doing in the last year, and eat cake! We can't wait to share alongside you in all God is doing in our lives, in our congregation, and in our community!

Capture the Flag

Saturday, June 15th, 8am-3:30pm

Join Adventure Youth for an exciting day of playing capture the flag at Fort Worden State Park! We will be carpooling from the church. Remember to pack your own lunch, we've got you covered with snacks and water!

Parents/guardians please fill out the RSVP/permission slip HERE

Questions? Email Callie.

Youth Summer Camp

August 11th-14th at Black Diamond Camp

Youth Summer Camp is coming soon! This is an awesome opportunity for incoming 6th graders through graduating seniors to unplug from the outside world and connect to the Father and His people. If you're interested in attending, fill out the interest form HERE.

Watch for more info soon about:

- Camp Details

- Registration

- Fundraising Opportunities

(Congregation -- watch for more info on this too,

help us send all our youth to camp!)

Adventure Finances

If you're interested in current church finances, see our new April graphic included above here.

Adventure of Faith is a very generous community of believers. 

I know this because whenever we communicate a need, we meet it.

Please continue to send your Adventure-related

financial questions to me HERE.

Weekly Schedule:

Friday, May 24th:

Family Kitchen, 5:00pm, see above for info

Saturday, May 25th:

Saturday Seminar, 9:00am (8:30 for potluck breakfast), see above for info

Sunday, May 26th:

Adventure Awakens Cafe open before and after Service & Equip

Adventure Equip Spring Session, 9:00am

Sunday Service, 10:00am

Monday, May 27th:

Church Office Closed for Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 28th:

Prayer Night Fellowship, 5:30pm, contact Bill, Bruce, or Craig

Adventure Prayer Night, 6:00pm, contact Craig for info

Wednesday, May 29th:

BaseCamp, 5:45pm, (Missions in May, Off-Site Night), see above for info

Thursday, May 30th:

Game Knights, 5:00pm, Cafe, see above for info

Scripture Out Loud, 5:00pm, contact Amanda or Tish for info

Looking Further Ahead:

June 2nd: Celebration Sunday (Baptisms, Grad Celebration, & more!)

June 5th: BINGO Night at BaseCamp!

June 8th: Emmanuel's Clothes Closet & Adventure Crafters

June 15th: Youth Capture the Flag

June 16th: Floats for Father's

June 21st: Family Kitchen

Don't worry if you haven't heard of some of these yet...

put them on your radar and know more details are coming!

This section is a weekly reminder that God is Good!

He is good to us every single day & we will praise His name!

A Reflection on our Local Outreach Night at BaseCamp on Wednesday

What an evening this was! Seventeen Local Outreach Groups and Organizations were represented at our Local Outreach Night. It was a great evening full of connection, delicious food, and joyful interest in all the ways community outreach is happening in Port Orchard. Not only were our Adventure people able to ask questions, connect, and think about getting involved, but we heard that some great connections were being made between some of the groups that came and they were making plans to connect and support one another later!

If you're interested in knowing more about some of these local outreach places, visit the Welcome Center on Sunday for a copy of the little guidebook we put together, or download a digital copy HERE. Let's praise the Lord together for the ways he is caring for our community through the hands and feet of many of these organizations! (And let's not forget to pray openly about where God might be calling us to participate in his work alongside others!) God is Good!

This space in the newsletter is a small way we continue to celebrate the goodness of God all year long, and practice being aware of His presence in our lives. So, if you have stories of God's goodness big or small, hit reply to this email and send them our way. We would love to hear them, pray in praise over them and talk to you about sharing them.

To spur your thoughts to God's goodness start by asking yourself these questions:

What Good have you witnessed recently?

What Good has God brought into your life?

What Good has God prompted you to do for one another?

God is Good!!

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General questions - mainoffice@faithadventure.com

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