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Advanced Series Lecture:
Secret of the Ethers 
 From The Gospel of Sophia series   
Advanced Lecture Series
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The Nature of Etheric Vision  
The Nature of Etheric Vision
The Nature of Etheric Vision

Secret of the Ethers 

Secret of the Ethers
Secret of the Ethers

Some say that the ethers are emanations of divine beings who live on the sun.  Others give highest praise to their place in the creation, death, and sustenance of the material world.  They appear as planetary signatures, metals, notes, forms and other manifestations of spirit in matter.  Ancient Eastern texts refer to the ethers as tattvas and point to their primal importance in creation and the hierarchy, serving as "binders" between the spiritual energies of the divine and the physical substances through which they operate.  To modern spiritual scientists, the ethers are the secret of all life functions and growth.  Alchemists are said to have worked with these elemental forces, often referring to them as beings that could be "set free" by releasing spirit from matter.  In the deepest parts of Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Rosicrucianism, esoteric Masonry, and the Magical Revival, ethers and tattvas are the subject of the deepest esoteric teachings and rituals. 
As this paper will illustrate, great mysteries surround the descriptions of the genesis of the ethers, which tends to be the genesis of all matter.  Because there are many opinions on the ethers from East to West, any exposition on the etheric formative forces is bound to be controversial.  In the West, so much confusion and misinformation abounds concerning the etheric formative forces that they are generally ignored, even by scholars of Anthroposophy. 
A study of the ethers should not be eschewed as they are the very currents of life that bring movement and organization to the four elements from which all life arises.  It is from the study and understanding of the ethers that an aspirant may arrive at a theory of everything and have direct contact with the spiritual world and elementals. 

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