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“My daughter has been talking about adopting a dog for about 3 years. On April 6th of this year, I finally told her we would go to the Butte Humane Society to just LOOK at the dogs.. NOT get one. 

As luck would have it, we met Sadie there - and that was that - Heidi fell in love with her within a millisecond."

"We adopted Sadie the very next day - April 7th, 2024."

How their story began

love at first sight

"When we met her she was so sweet, calm, quiet, moved slowly, rested her head on our laps, and even gave Heidi a hug. My wife, Katie, and I watched Heidi with Sadie.. and we knew almost instantly that these two had to be together. We went home and did ALL kinds of research on Great Pyrenees dogs." 

baby steps

"We had never had a dog... The first 4 weeks were the toughest for my wife and I - because we had NO idea what we were doing. By week 5, Sadie was a permanent part of our family and we couldn't imagine life without her. Her temperament and intelligence are amazing - she just melted right into our family."

Girl's Best Friend

Sadie and Heidi are inseparable. Sadie sleeps every night right next to her little human's bed. She’s protective, gentle and adores being by Heidi's side.

"She really has that Great Pyrenees trait of guarding the flock (watching out for her family). I feel a lot better with her here with us. When Heidi and I play outside, Sadie always wants to play with us - at least be outside with us. We've noticed that she's VERY attached to us - loves her family very much."

mood reader

"She knows our moods. I've seen each member in our household have a sad time with something..and Sadie will be right there, to comfort us. In turn, when we are laughing and playing outside, Sadie is playing right along with us - she has the best time!"

VIP (Very Important Pet)

Sadie a bit of a princess, enjoying two short walks a day, anything over a mile is too long for her. She's picky with toys and instead LOVES playing with Heidi's scrunchies. Her hobbies include: going to the creek, digging for gophers, playing with Heidi, and following her family wherever they go.

Interested in Great Pyrenees?

Meet Reya!

Our staff has worked slowly to gain her trust and instill confidence to help her feel reassured. Reya is looking for an active & working home, where she can have unlimited outdoor access and prefers to have a family who understands her breed and can help meet her natural behaviors. Come meet Reya today!

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Upcoming Events

Supper Club is back! Meze Moon is generously donating 20% of proceeds on Thursday, June 20th from 5-10 pm! Swing by after Thursday night market and treat yourself to a delicious dinner.

This family-friendly event is held in our education center and will have arts & crafts, giveaways, educational opportunities, a surprise meet and greet with one of our shelter dogs, Handcrafted Drinks from The Sippy Hippie Co and more!

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