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Louise Bruderle
I was anxious to meet Adell Erozer in the hope of finding the answer to what seems like an unbelievably difficult Sarasota question. How can Bradenton handle the homeless issue and Sarasota can't?
     It seems like I needed to visit and see for myself, but actually, I had hea
Adell Erozer
rd from several people how good Turning Points is and how its CEO, Adell, does such a great job.
            Rather than describe it by the either/or approach that the city of Sarasota and Sarasota County have taken, I'd describe Turnin g Points as having almost
verything under one roof. And they of fer assistance to almost all of the homeless population's needs except for one: housing. Instead they give out vouchers.
But still, clients can see a dentist, get medical care, ha ve their laundry done, receive job counseling or speak to a veteran's affairs expert. In another building there are donations piled high and clients can get clothes and even a bike. (A bike is like a car to many homeless people.)
           Adell is a highly thought of CEO who has been at the helm at Turning Points since 2004. Many people recommended her after I asked around. I can only hope that 2016 is the year Sarasota and Sarasota County get started on addressing this important issue.    

To read her profile, click here . It's also on our web site westcoastwoman.com . Here's wishing you a healthy and productive New Year! Lots of stuff in this e-blast so please, click away!

Louise Bruderle, Editor, West Coast Woman

Also in WCW's January Issue
January is our Education & Lifelong Learning Issue. And it's a great one if you love to learn new things. I've been editing it for months and have included all kinds of opportunities from degreed programs (this area has a LOT of post-secondary schools) but also noncredit courses that are often aptly named "enrichment" programs.
      Pierian Spring, ACE, Lifelong Learning Academy and Longboat Key Educations Center - they're just a few of the many places where you can take a wide variety of classes or enjoy lectures. I've attached the Lifelong Learning feature here.
     However, I strongly suggest you pick up January's WCW and enjoy the whole issue!

Editor's Pick:
I've known Amanda Stiff for years - we both go back to when we
Amanda Stiff
served on the SPARCC board together. Spend a few minutes with her and you know how smart she is and how friendly. Well, to me that seems like the perfect combination for a financial advisor and now she's offering a lecture series designed just for women.

You're invited to a Money Savvy Women Series offering events designed to impart a jargon-free personal finance education. What you will learn: Small initial steps can translate into improvement in your finances and what to concentrate on and what is "noise". Are you allergic to finance? Or do you have "get your finances organized" on your to do list?? Sign up today
Coming up:
*   Tuesday, January 19 is the Kick Off with a talk on "Financial Resolutions" held at 6:30 pm at Michael's Wine Cellar, 1283 S. Tamiami Trail. 
* Thursday, February 11 - When & How to Start Investing
* Tuesday, March 8-Life Stage Planning and Investing
* Thursday, April 19-"Must Have" Docs for Life a Well-planned
* Tuesday, May 10-Martinis & Markets
Her ad is here and her web site is accessadvice.net. Oh yes, phone: 366-7504 to RSVP.

Deals Deals Deals...
My wonderful neighborhood, Indian Beach Sapphire Shores (Ringling Arts Museum area), is having a super duper neighborhood yard sale on Jan. 23 & 24, 9-3 p.m. The sale is scattered all through the neighborhood and a handy map is provided to find all the homes that are having sales.
    It's a fun way to enjoy this beautiful neighborhood with its older homes, tree canopy and winding roads.
    Come on out and say HI! The ad for the event is attached here.

Coming Up:

Workshop on Expressive Writing 
Jan. 23, 2016 at  LBK Education Center 
Expressive writing is all about you-your thoughts, feelings memories and goals.
     I'll be offering a workshop at the Longboat Key Education Center Jan. 23 that will explain the uses and indeed, value of expressive writing.
        It's great for exploring your feelings, processing challenges in your life & setting a course for the future.
The instructor is Louise Bruderle (me), Editor of West Coast Woman.

      You don't have to be a writer - just a seeker. Sign up for course #WWK4
       To register, call 383-8811

LOVE Art? You'll Love This Class!
I'm also offering a two-part lecture on another of my favorite topics: ART! Feb. 2 and 9 my lecture will be
" The 10 Art Exhibitions You'll be Talking About this Year."  I'll be sharing my top tips for THE exhibits you'll want to see - or, at least know about. This is a fun class! Ask for Class #WT8

To register, call 383-8811. 
For a complete list of their courses, visit
View their ad in WCW by clicking

Need to Reach Women in Sarasota and Bradenton?
Does your business want to reach women? Then West Coast Woman is THE best way to reach women! We offer ad packages, beautiful printing, digital ads and affordable rates. Plus, we're nice to work with. 
Email us at westcoastwoman@comcast.net or call us at 954-3300 and we'll help you create a marketing plan.


HEALTHY HAPPENINGS Seminars, Lectures & More

* Free Seminar: Botox  & Filler Happy Hour. Plus a great offer on injectables at Abrams Dermatology on Jan. 27. RSVP 926-2300 or click here.

* Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease Comes to SMH
Sarasota Memorial has introduced the Ornish Reversal Program, the first Medicare-covered program proven to reverse heart disease without medications or surgery.
        Participants enroll in a 9-week program that helps them adopt a healthy lifestyle based on 4 key program elements - a low-fat, whole foods, plant-based diet; at least 30 mins. of exercise each day; stress management; and support. Learn more; call SMH at 941- 917-6139.

* At Venice Regional:
* Tuesday, January 19, noon-1 p.m. - Bariatric Surgical Services Informational Seminar .
Dr. Joseph Chebli
Presented by Joseph Chebli, M.D., FACS
at the Metabolic Institute of SW Florida - 1370 E. Venice Avenue, Suite 205 . Learn about medical, bariatric and surgical options, selection criteria and detailed program information from the area's only Surgeon of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Seating is limited.  
* Monday, January 11, 5-6 p.m. Cardiac
. Presented by Joseph Balzano, M.D., FACC, Interventional Cardiology at Venice Regional Bayfront Health Auditorium A-C . Learn about heart disease from the patient's point of view and what you can do to prevent it.

* Tuesday, January 12, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Medically Managed Weight Loss . Presented by Liliana Gutierrez, M.D., Internal Medicine at Metabolic Institute of SW Florida - 1370 E. Venice Avenue, Suite 205 . Serious weight loss isn't about waistlines, it's about good health. Learn about their comprehensive team of weight management specialists who will guide you through your weight loss journey. Join them for a free seminar to learn about all the aspects of our medically managed weight loss program. Seating is limited.
RSVP by calling 855-876-2362 or online at

* Free Talk on Weight Loss at Sarasota Specialty Dan Watts_ MD Pharmacy. Dr. Dan Watts will discuss how important it is to manage your hormones in order to lose weight. His free talk is on Jan. 28 at 6:30 at Sarasota Specialty Pharmacy, 2075 Siesta Drive in Sarasota. Men and women welcome but make sure you RSVP as space is limited. Call 366-0880. Click here for more on Sarasota Specialty Pharmacy. 

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