Volume 7 | June 3, 2021
Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership Quarterly Newsletter
“Housing is foundational to a stronger and more connected society. Housing is a bridge to greater opportunities and a better life. Housing is infrastructure.” – Marcia Fudge, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
A message from the executive director
Opportunity on the horizon
We are ending the second quarter of 2021 with several new partnerships and exciting new initiatives that will expand services to our families. In this newsletter, you’ll read about our new asset building program, GAIN, that will position families for greater financial independence. You will also learn about recent funding we received to implement our Healthy Children Voucher Demonstration to improve health outcomes for families by combining the expertise of healthcare professionals and the environmental advantages of healthier housing.

BRHP is eager to take on these new projects while also expanding our internal capacity to execute these efforts effectively. As you will see, we are seeking talented professionals to join our team, so if you or someone you know would be a good fit, I encourage you to apply.

Over the past few months, we have continued to share about our work and advocate for equitable housing, rental assistance, and housing mobility supports through a host of virtual events. As more of the community becomes vaccinated and COVID-19 infection rates decrease, we look forward to transitioning from remote work to increased in-office time and beginning our office reopening process in July. I am confident the opportunity to reconnect in-person will provide an increased sense of community and purpose that will propel our work forward. Wishing you a healthy, safe, and fun summer.

-Adria Crutchfield
This year we’ve introduced a Client Enrichment Series of virtual webinars with community organizations and leaders to provide another way for our community to access resources they need to thrive in their communities and support them in reaching their personal goals. Read about some of the webinars we’ve offered with the support of enrichment partners:
Conversations about mental health are more important than ever with the challenges we’ve faced over the past year. On May 26, BRHP hosted NAMI Metro Baltimore for a moving community conversation about mental health, including warning signs and symptoms, practical tips and suggestions for managing mental health, and community resources. Attendees also heard personal testimonies from two NAMI Metro Baltimore volunteers. We are pleased that our community felt a sense of support and connection from this conversation and we thank Jaime Clarke, NAMI’s Senior Director of Programs and Community Engagement, for presenting the facts, busting the myths about mental health conditions, and offering community resources of support. We also want to thank the two wonderful NAMI volunteers, Yi and Gertie, for being open, honest, and vulnerable in sharing their stories with us. We proudly echo NAMI’s slogan – You Are Not Alone.
Did you know that in 2020, Maryland passed the HOME Act, extending fair housing rights to voucher holders and others with non-wage income like social security, student loans, and 1099 contractor income? On April 28, BRHP hosted the Fair Housing Action Center of Maryland to provide an opportunity for our community to learn more about their fair housing rights from fair housing professionals. During the session, attendees learned about legal protections, how to identify source of income housing discrimination, and how to respond if they encounter or observe discrimination. Knowledge is power and an empowered community is confident in exercising its fair housing rights. Thank you to Robyn Dorsey, Fair Housing Director at the Fair Housing Action Center of Maryland, for helping our clients and staff identify and combat housing discrimination.
Knowledge is power and we believe in providing our community with information to make informed decisions. In the spring, there was much confusion on the COVID-19 vaccination process and about the vaccines themselves. On March 30, we worked to dispel the myths and bring the facts to our community with a COVID-19 vaccine information session led by medical professionals from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Attendees learned about the different vaccine options, possible side effects, and information on vaccine centers and scheduling an appointment. Thank you to our guest speakers, Dr. Rachel Thornton, Dr. Corinne Keet, and Dr. Deidra Crews. The replay of this session is saved on our YouTube channel and you can view it below.
Many of our heads of household have expressed an interest in entrepreneurship, so on March 26 we offered an opportunity for our community to learn the basics of entrepreneurship from an acclaimed business professional. The webinar, titled “How to Make Money as an Entrepreneur” was presented by Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce Chairman and independent business consultant Will Holmes, and served as an introduction to starting and growing a profitable business and creating generational wealth. The emphasis of the presentation focused on how to have a sustainable and profitable business, keys to being in business for yourself, and making a living as your own boss. The webinar left attendees eager to learn more. We thank Will Holmes for providing this information session and watering the seeds of innovation, creativity, and ingenuity in our community.
Baltimore Partnership Secures Critical Funding for Initiative to Enhance the Health of 150 Families Through Housing Mobility
Baltimore Partnership Secures Critical Funding for...

The initiative is a first of its kind collaboration between the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership, Housing Authority of Baltimore City, and local healthcare providers .

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BRHP Awarded $400,000 Abell Foundation Grant for Asset Building Program
BRHP Awarded $400,000 Abell Foundation Grant for Asset...

The new program will increase the economic resiliency of 250 low-income families throughout the Baltimore region. Baltimore, MD - The Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP) announced today that it was the recipient of a $400,000 grant from ...

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Housing Mobility Leaders Praise President Biden’s Commitment to Expanding Housing Opportunity
Press Release: Housing Mobility Leaders Praise President ...

"Our values are reflected in how we choose to invest our public dollars, and we are optimistic for a better future as equity in housing is prioritized by our leaders. We look forward to working with our partners in this housing effort to create...

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BRHP Shares the Baltimore Experience in “Doing Well While Doing Good” with Connecticut Landlords
There is an ever-growing body of research demonstrating that neighborhood conditions have deep effects on children’s life trajectories. In short, zip code dictates destiny. This is something we know deeply at BRHP. On May 25, Managing Directors Pete Cimbolic and Sheila Proano joined the Open Communities Alliance to educate Connecticut property owners and managers on the two-fold benefit of renting to voucher holders. From receiving consistent monthly rental payments to contributing to ending the cycle of poverty for voucher families and unwinding the history of residential segregation, the impact of voucher programs is undeniable and the success is reliant on a community effort of dedicated staff, families, and property owners. If you know a property owner in Connecticut who could benefit from this knowledge, share this landlord guide from the Open Communities Alliance.
Interested in leasing with BRHP?
Property owners who participate in the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program are more than landlords to us, they are partners and that’s why we call them property partners. At BRHP, we have over 2,000 dedicated property partners that provide a home, a foundation, and a community to over 4,300 deserving families across the Baltimore region. Property partners provide pathways to opportunities and better life outcomes for families who may not have otherwise been in a position to achieve their dreams for themselves and their families. Click here to learn how to become a BRHP property partner.
Urban Health Institute 2021 Social Determinants of Health Symposium
On May 7, BRHP Executive Director Adria Crutchfield participated in Day 4 of the Urban Health Institute’s 2021 Social Determinants of Health Symposium focused on the impact housing has on the health of our communities. Adria joined Sean Closkey, founding President of ReBUILD Metro and Amy Petkovsek, Deputy Chief Counsel of Maryland Legal Aid in a panel discussion titled “Safe, Healthy Affordable Housing in Vibrant Communities – Investing in Housing as a Precondition for Achieving Health Equity" moderated by Urban Health Institute Associate Director and BRHP Board Member Dr. Rachel Thornton.

“Why should the clients have to navigate this housing matrix? Why can’t the matrix be changed?” said Adria during the riveting conversation on the need for investment in housing on the federal and state levels, data-driven decisions, and paths to both affordable rental housing and homeownership for people with low-incomes.

Click here to view the full discussion around housing and health during the symposium.
We met with Senator Cardin!
In April, we were delighted to spend some time sharing about our program efforts with Senator Ben Cardin. BRHP staff, board of directors, and client advisory board members also had the opportunity to share their experiences and learn about economic and housing supports for families with low-incomes offered within the American Rescue Plan, American Jobs Plan, and American Families Plan. We are appreciative of Senator Cardin’s time and service, and look forward to future encounters continuing the conversation about the real-life impact of rental assistance combined with housing counseling supports on families and communities in the Baltimore region.
We’re creating opportunity through housing and disrupting cycles of poverty. Join our team!
  • Counseling Director
  • Customer Care Representative
  • Talent Manager
  • Financial Operations Analyst

Click here to learn more about these positions and apply.
Want to do business with us?
BRHP is seeking proposals from qualified professional firms and/or individuals interested in serving as Housing Choice Voucher Hearing Officers who will preside at informal hearings as set forth in the Administrative Plan for the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership’s Housing Choice Voucher Program. Click here to view the full Hearing Officer Services RFP. Click here to view our procurements page with other business opportunities.
Helpful hints
Find an emergency rental assistance program near you
In response to COVID-19 and its economic fallout, many cities and states are creating or expanding emergency rental assistance programs to support individuals and families impacted by the pandemic. The Treasury Emergency Rental Assistance program has made $46.55 billion available to help renters struggling to pay rent or utilities. This is a resource that both renters and owners can utilize. You can view Maryland-specific programs on the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development's website listed at the link below. The National Low Income Housing Coalition’s searchable database of emergency rental assistance programs listed below is also a great resource.
Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Has COVID-19 affected your ability to pay rent? You may be eligible for assistance with current or past due payments.​ Local jurisdictions will operate rental assistance programs independently. All programs are expected to open in spring of 2021. ...

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Rental Assistance

In response to COVID-19 and its economic fallout, many cities and states are creating or expanding emergency rental assistance programs to support individuals and families impacted by the pandemic. The Treasury Emergency Rental Assistance program ...

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The Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP) helps families with low incomes, who have historically been excluded from housing in neighborhoods of their choice, access and transition successfully to safe, healthy, and economically vibrant communities. Since becoming the formal administrator of the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program, which couples Housing Choice Voucher administration with counseling supports, BRHP has helped over 5,000 families with young children improve their quality of life as they search for new homes.