When organizing a live event, you know the importance of having a host. The host adds value to any event by not only in keeping the audience engaged and energized, but also ensuring your event stays on schedule. He or she could be a professional emcee, an executive from your company or a local newscaster. An ideal host, however, seamlessly weaves in your event’s theme and main takeaways from each presentation - or as we like to call it, weaving the red thread through the duration of your event. 

Here are a few of our favorite emcees and moderators with contagious enthusiasm and keen ability to engage and give a voice to your attendees in between keynotes.
Jeff is an ideal blend of an entertainer and emcee who can bring a full Las Vegas show to your event as a standalone show, or sprinkle entertainment in throughout your conference - both in-person and virtually.
Riaz is an accomplished broadcaster with 17 years of television hosting experience. Having hosted for Citytv’s Breakfast Television, MTV Canada, TEDxVancouver, CTV News, and the Toronto International Film Festival, he is a natural storyteller with a keen ability to facilitate in the utmost engaging way.
One of the world’s most sought-after business humorists, Christine delivers an unforgettable hosting experience through her effortless ability to pull in any audience.
Looking for a host who can relate to corporate attendees? This business shark and media personality is no stranger to engagement and entertainment. Bill can address audiences of all sizes through a variety of roles including emcee, moderator and panel expert.
A host is also a crucial role when planning virtual events and if anything, becomes even more important. A virtual host or moderator can welcome participants, provide the outline of the event, introduce speakers, and handle Q&A sessions for a panel or an individual speaker. 

Our goal at GDA is to add value and help make the day of your event worry-free. Ask us for curated emcee and moderator recommendations to find the perfect fit for your next in-person or virtual event.