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Adding People Counting to a Security Portfolio
ABACUS - People Counting Made Easy  
If your clients manage large organisations with visitor access and need to know exactly how many visitors are accessing it...
...when, where, and for how long. Then ABACUS can help!

As a security professional your business has the knowledge and expertise to introduce People Counting into the mix, adding value to your client relationships and building customer loyalty. Developing a partnership with ABACUS will help make this happen! 
Developed to count visitors entering any location, Abacus is the leading people counting application for monitoring footfall traffic.  Abacus can be used with a variety of intelligent devices and integrate with other counting equipment to automatically count the number, and direction, of people passing in real time. Abacus offers you a range of flexible reporting, giving you complete access to your footfall data in an easily accessible format - IN REAL TIME!

Access to accurate visitor footfall, dwell time, queue, occupancy, customer flow and tracking metrics offer organisations a competitive edge by providing an insight into visitor behaviour, helping them to make informed business decisions to improve performance.

Whether your clients work in retail, leisure, libraries, museums or galleries, involved in entertainment or transport, counting visitor traffic will provide them with vital metrics to understand and improve their business. A partnership with ABACUS will provide you with the tools to benefit from a cost-effective people counting system.

ABACUS People Counting - The Video
With ABACUS you have the information at your fingertips. Enabling an organisation to: 
    Measure & Improve Performance 
     Justify Funding 
    Manage Effective Staff Scheduling 
    Improve Flows 
    Increase Visitor Satisfaction 
    Grow Organisational Revenue.
    Assess how Promotions, Weather,  
Bank Holidays or Construction affect visitor numbers
Our goal is to present a model to help you use the Abacus concept to improve your own organisation's performance. We offer a practical method to plan improvements.  Read More...    or Contact Tim Denby Today...    

Visual Management Systems Ltd. Welcome you to the new dedicated ABACUS website - www.peoplecountingmadeeasy.com
See ABACUS at IP-in-Action LIVE Bristol 

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8th December Holiday Inn Bristol City Centre  

Sales Director John Downie will be presenting the concept of People Counting to delegates at the IP-in-Action LIVE event at the Holiday Inn Bristol, part of a series of educational and promotional road show events across the UK.

Seminar Title: Adding People Counting to your Security Portfolio.
John Downie Sales Director at Visual Management Systems Ltd.,
developers of ABACUS - People Counting Made Easy!.
Topics included:
  • People Counting - the technology
  • The value of accurate information
  • Key Vertical Markets
  • The benefits to your customers
  • How to introduce the concept to a client
John will also be available to discuss how ABACUS, People Counting Made Easy can be a valuable addition to a business offering. Illustrating how providing People Counting solutions to an existing client can assure customer loyalty and future profitability.

ABACUS - People Counting Made Easy - Allowing you to make decisions and improve performance. If you are an organisation with visitor access, you need to know exactly how many visitors are accessing it.....when, where, and for how long.
ABACUS People Counting for Ports and Airports

Increasing port and airport security has an impact on the flow of passengers through security gates into airside retail and hospitality spaces.  As airport design responds to the unique needs of those who travel, one of the biggest changes at airports is the fact that terminals are now becoming diverse urban mixed use environment, created with business capabilities, hospitality facilities, upscale retail, cultural and even healthcare offerings. Many airports are becoming a destination themselves, and not just a transport hub.

Data from Abacus can reveal how many people visit a port or airport without accessing travel services, as well as how passengers flow throughout the site. This, together with identifying areas of high footfall, the speed at which people are able to check-in luggage and pass through security, allows ports and airports to set rents that accurately reflect the value of the retail space available. You can also look at the investments you make in additional retail space and measure the corresponding footfall to these spaces - giving you objective ROI figures.
Get a consistent measure of passenger flow

Delivering real-time information on passenger numbers and movement throughout the airport, our Abacus people counting systems can give you detailed insight for planning staff deployment and scheduling, identifying and predicting passenger congestion, and where to place essential services such as passenger information and sales booths.
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