Gratitude Quote of the Month:

“Today, I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart, the peace that rests within my spirit, and the voice of hope that says all things are possible.”

- Anonymous
Give Thanks for Yourself:
Self-Care and Immune Support
Seasons change. We are moving into autumn and winter when nature calls on us to withdraw, ground ourselves, rest and recharge even as the animals, trees, shrubs and flowers do. However, we are experiencing more darkness, cold, immune system challenges from cold and flu season, and increased stress as we add Holiday preparations and celebrations to our usual work, school and family activities.

We all recognize the importance of self-care but it often seems to be overwhelming, and one more thing to try to fit into our crazy schedules.

Remember though, being grateful for ourselves is essential and self-care and immune support will help get us through the season. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Little daily practices can make a huge difference.

“When you drop any new idea in the pond of the world, you get a ripple effect. You have to be aware that you will be creating a cascade of change.” Joel A. Barker

Look for little ways to support yourself daily. Take 5 or 6 deep abdominal breaths while clearing your mind. Step outside and take in nature for a few minutes. Take a special herbal tea blend daily. The little things done daily will ripple out and affect you, your family and all those meet during your day. End your day with listing what you are grateful for about yourself first and then things you are grateful for outside of yourself.

Try some of our immune supporting products:

Echinacea & elder tea is a wonderfully mild blend that includes raspberry leaf, rosehips, lemon, and a touch of ginger root. This tea has a smooth taste for soothing the senses and is great hot or iced. Elderberries and Echinacea purpurea help to support immune health*. Brew up a cup of this gentle tea any time of the year to reap the benefits! (Not for use in pregnancy)

Be Grounded Essential Oil ...achieve instant calm & positive vibes with this woodsy, citrus blend...perfectly highlighted by the richness of Dark Reserve Patchouli to relax the mind & body, decrease anxiety & depression, strengthen your immune system & aid in achieving overall balance & wellness...

Health Concerns TCM… Cold Away, Isatis Gold, Nasal Tabs 2, Yin Chao or Yin Chao Jr.  – treats cold and flu, sinus issues and congestion. (Must be approved by your practitioner).
Give the Gift of Wellness
Holiday Gift Ideas
Gift certificates for Acupuncture, Massage or Reiki sessions available for purchase.

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Product of the Month
AWC is now offering a variety of CBD products for sale.

These products are not the same as medical marijuana, which requires a physician prescription. They are made from the Hemp plant.

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is by far one of the most studied compounds of the 116-plus known cannabinoids found in industrial hemp.

Being a natural compound of the plant, CBD is non-intoxicating, which means it will not get you high.

CBD is often regarded as the single most crucial cannabinoid ever discovered. With on-going research, the list of uses continues to grow, giving more and more hope to those looking to enhance their overall quality of life.

Whether it’s to maintain general well-being or becoming more proactive with a daily wellness routine, there are various ways in which CBD oil is useful. It is used for relaxation, anxiety, depression and pain relief.

We have Tinctures, gummies and capsules for oral use as well as topical creams and bath bombs. Our most popular products are:

750mg Tincture - Natural and Berry flavors
750mg Inflammation Formula 4oz Tub or Squeeze – topical creams
Jacki’s Corner
by Jacki Szimanski

Being in chilly and damp weather can easily bring out negative thoughts. A great way to clear that negativity is to be thankful. Gratitude has a wonderful way of lifting your spirits and making you feel energized. Take time to thank your higher power, thank your healer, thank your waitress or mechanic. Make it meaningful and sincere. Add a small gift to punctuate the point. Keep spreading the love and you will feel an inner glow that will keep you warm all winter long. Here are a few ideas:
Just Move
Beyoncé said it best in her 2011 hit,
“Move Your Body.”

A little sweat never hurt nobody
Don’t just stand there on the wall
Everybody just move your body!

Find a way to move everyday. Stretching, hiking, yoga or dancing are great ways to keep active and get warm. Remember to stay hydrated, too. 
Soup's On
Nothing warms you like a delicious bowl of hot soup. Besides the physical benefits of vitamins and minerals, soup can conjure up memories of someone caring for you and making you feel special. Make your own from scratch, use a soup starter or stop by your local deli or health food store. Always investigate the “Soup of the Day” at your favorite restaurant.
Here’s a great recipe to try:
Jennifer Palmere
Photographer & Fine Artist
You may have noticed the beautiful photos on our walls. They are for sale.
Here is some information about the artist...

Jennifer Palmere is a Maryland based photographer who specializes in nature photography. She has been in the photography field for the last several years. Jennifer has also been trained in Graphic Design and Fine art. The artist has an associate’s degree in Fine Art at CCBC, a bachelor’s degree from Towson University in Graphic Design, and recently completed a certificate in Digital Photography. She was also trained as a visual merchandiser and worked at a Department Store for ten years. Jennifer is currently working for the Government and is also a freelance photographer. Jennifer has shown several of her photos in a group photography show at an Annapolis Gallery and a book store in Towson. The artist has also won first place and a special award at the Maryland State fair for one of her photos. She is a member of the Harford County Photography Group.