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How to Fit in Fitness—Even If You’ve Only Got a Few Minutes

By WeightWatchers

An ideal activity routine helps you feel less tense. So when your schedule fills up or your energy nosedives, don’t stress about how to fit in what you usually do. Take a breath and stretch your definition of what it means to be active.

Let’s dive a little deeper...

If you have a regular activity routine, you probably worked your butt off to get it to the “routine” part. First, high five. Second, it’s totally understandable if you have, uh, feelings when stuff gets in the way of it—whether a mountain of to-dos or a single unexpected one. Or, maybe you just can’t muster the (mental or physical) energy some days. Whatever’s stopping you, it’s not an excuse of the dog-ate-my-homework variety. Meaning, it’s OK! Life is gonna life.

What you can do: Get flexible, literally and figuratively. Stretching makes an ideal plan B, C, or D…because it still gets you moving but often takes less time, equipment, and raw drive when life muscles in on plan A(ctivity).* Not only does stretching increase flexibility and feel good, research also shows it can make daily activities easier and decrease risk of injury. (You know, when you’re reaching for an object one minute and an ice pack and ibuprofen the next.) And like your regular workout, it can bust stress, boost mood, and may even help grow your Budget.

Meanwhile, being flexible with your routine—i.e. resisting an all-or-nothing approach to movement—can help you stay consistent on your weight-loss journey. You might even enjoy stretching so much you add it to your day when you do have time for your usual activity.

*If you’re injured, check with your healthcare provider or physical therapist first to determine what’s safe to do.

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