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December 2, 2021

From: North Island Concerned Citizens

MLA Babchuk refused to Advise Ministers

To the attention of: Bob Bray

For Immediate Release

CAMPBELL RIVER - A delegation of North Island constituents led by Christian McCay presented their Covid concerns to Michelle Babchuk, the North Island MLA, at a meeting in her office on December 1, 2021. Michelle Babchuk listened but refused to raise their Covid concerns with the Ministers of Health; Children and Family Development; Labour; Mental Health and Addictions; and the Solicitor General.


At the December 1st meeting in her Campbell River constituency office the MLA for the riding of North Island, Michelle Babchuk refused to advise the Ministers named below of the health concerns presented to her by the delegation of North Island Concerned Citizens, her constituents. Their concerns are shown below.

The delegation of a dozen constituents left the MLA office disappointed with their MLA's refusal. Christian McCay along with Lori Woodruff, who had organized the protest on the street outside the office, stayed in the office waiting room saying they would not leave until Babchuk reconsidered her decision. MLA Babchuk called the RCMP who arrested Christian and Lori, each on a charge of mischief, with the court date set in February and possible fine of $5,000. The police released Christian and Lori after two hours in the precinct cells.

One of the attending officers was in a difficult position due to not wanting to have a jab, but was professional throughout.

Following his arrest and handcuffing, Christian McCay below peers out of a police car window as he is transported to the precinct cells.

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Lori Woodruff looks out of a squad car on her way to the Campbell River RCMP precinct cell.

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The concerns of the North Island Concerned Citizens are itemized below, along with the responses of our MLA, Michellle Babchuk.

Minister of Health, Adrian Dix

The ban on Ivermectin prescriptions by the College of Physicians and Surgeons should be removed.

Remove Ivermectin


MLA Babchuk refused to advise Minister Dix of our North Island concern.

No Mask


for kids

The mask mandate should not be

imposed on children.

MLA Babchuk refused to advise Minister Dix of our North Island concern.

The Public Health Order on vaccine passports should be overruled.

Overrule PHO on Vaccine Passport

MLA Babchuk refused to advise Minister Dix of our North Island concern.


Vaccination of

5 to 11 year olds

The vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 should be suspended for four years until more is known about long term vaccine harms.

MLA Babchuk refused to advise Minister Dix of our North Island concern.

Minister of Education, Jennifer Whiteside

School premises should not be used by medical practitioners for administering vaccines.

Prevent In-School Vaccinations

MLA Babchuk agreed with this concern.

Michelle did some checking and called us several hours after the arrests to confirm that in the existing procedures there would be no vaccinations given in schools and parental consent for minor children at vaccination clinics is a definite requirement.

Minister of Children and Family Development - MItzi Dean


Vaccination of

Kids in Care

The vaccination of children in care should be suspended for four years until more is known about long term vaccine harms.

MLA Babchuk refused to advise Minister Dean of our North Island concern.

Minor children (18 and under) should be exempt from any and all provincial government mandates.

Exempt kids from provincial government mandates

MLA Babchuk refused to advise Minister Dean of our North Island concern.

Minister of Labour - Harry Bains


Jabs for Jobs

Vaccine status should not be allowed as a condition of hiring or continued employment.

MLA Babchuk refused to advise Minister Bains of our North Island concern.

Minister of Mental Health and Addictions - Sheila Malcolmson

Lockdown measures and vaccine mandates should be stopped.

Stop Lockdowns and Mandates

MLA Babchuk refused to advise Minister Maalcolmson of our North Island concern.

Make Local Statistics Available

Local statistics about infectious disease case counts, hospitalizations and deaths should be made available.

MLA Babchuk refused to advise Minister Malcolmson of our North Island concern.

Solicitor General - Mike Farnworth

Out of respect for the freedoms of Canadians, the British Columbia Vaccine Card should be discarded immediately.

Discard the Vaccine Card

MLA Babchuk refused to advise Solicitor General Farnworth of our concern.



Christian McCay, North Island Concerned Citizens

Mobile: 250-204-7171


Website: (Medical Privacy for Each Person)


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(1) North Island Concerned Citizens (Vaxxed and Unvaxxed)

are pushing against the overreaching by our government. Our provincial government is violating the Nuremberg Code, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Canadian Bill of Rights. Justice will prevail as we the people stand up and say enough is enough.

(2) Several videos were recorded as the actions took place inside the MLA office and outside in front of the office. These videos are combined into one 53-minute video which can be viewed here.

(3) Presentation to Michelle Babchuk by Christian McCay

As you know Michelle, I recently presented the concerns of many Campbell River constituents to our City Council, challenging the Council's decision to enforce vaccine mandates. I served each council member with a Notice of Liability, informing them that the Vaccine Card violates the medical privacy of each person. These cards and associated mandates violate our Charter of Rights and Freedoms – and all levels of government in Canada - federal, municipal, and provincial - are required to abide by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

We would like your assurance that you will inform Minister Bains of our concern that one's vaccination status should not be grounds for dismissal, and that one's vaccination status should not be allowed as a hiring condition or as a continued employment condition. 

We would also like to call attention to the increasing number of suicide and overdose deaths since the pandemic measures were imposed back in March 2020, and to the fact that the top causes of mortality in Canada – diabetes, heart disease, and cancer – have all been negatively impacted by provincial lockdown measures. We would ask that a proper cost-benefit analysis be conducted into the effectiveness of the various lockdown measures, weighing the presumed benefits of such measures against the known consequences, which include higher rates of obesity, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and the impact of delayed medical screenings and interventions. 

We would further ask that the government not compound issues of depression and anxiety by compelling thousands of citizens to suffer financial anxiety and distress dues to mandate-induced job losses. 

We ask that you collaborate with Solicitor General Mike Farnworth to embrace other alternative solutions to address the current pandemic – solutions that respect the constitution rights and freedoms of Canadians, and we demand that the Vaccine Card system be discarded immediately. One alternative we request be considered involves promotion of Vitamin D (deficiencies in Vitamin D appear to be one of the strongest factors determining mortality from Covid-19, and yet addressing this deficiency would not odious). Another alternative involves early intervention in Covid-19 cases utilizing drugs that have shown themselves to be effective, like Ivermectin. 

Michelle, when I asked you to consider Ivermectin as a possible treatment during our last phone call meeting, you said you would not recommend Ivermectin to anyone in a million years. Your opposition to Ivermectin is bewildering. Since you are a politician, not a medical practitioner, I have to assume that your opposition is rooted in ignorance and political expedience. Such opposition might well prove to be deadly. Your government aggressively promotes vaccines that are connected to many adverse effects and have unknown long-term impacts. At present these vaccines are linked to myocarditis, pericarditis and autoimmune disease, and they appear to have rapidly wanning effectiveness, requiring boosters. 

After our call I sent you information through email because you agreed to read what I had. Your assistant emailed me back and said, "Michelle is very well aware of your perspective." I am asking that you convey our perspective and represent our concerns in Victoria.  Michelle, you are not a medical practitioner, yet you are encouraging people to take vaccines, which is essentially practicing medicine without a license. Ivermectin is a viable alternative to vaccines for the early treatment of Covid, and doctors should be permitted to prescribe and promote it without being sanctioned because of political considerations. 

If you want to hear from some local BC doctors that believe Ivermectin is effective, they will be touring our city on December 9th, 2021.

NOTE: Ivermectin was developed in 1981 – 40 years ago. In 2015 the two inventors won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. It is the Nobel Committee's only award for treatments of infectious diseases in 6 decades. Dr. Hoffe, in Lytton, describes in a video message how Ivermectin cures COVID-19. The ban on its use is the result of politics interfering in the practice of medicine, and it needs to be removed.

Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer can't make much money off Ivermectin, so they have a financial incentive to discourage its use. These same pharmaceutical companies stand to make huge profits off this pandemic and the vaccines they have rushed to market. There are concerns regarding the integrity and veracity of the testing of these vaccines and the complete lack of long-term data concerning the health impacts of these vaccines. Because legislation exists to protect these companies from liability should their vaccine products cause undo harm, they have very little financial incentive to ensure these products are truly safe. The existence of such legislation does not inspire much trust in those dubious about these vaccines or the companies that produce them, and we believe that such legislative protections be repealed. We also believe that vaccines should be classified as pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.

We would also like to see a media campaign to promote vitamin supplements as part of a preventative solution to help avoid Covid and other diseases.


Regarding the children of this province, we ask that their physical and mental health and well-being be given a place of priority. Vaccinating young adults and young children with an experimental mRNA vaccine defies common sense. We are now vaccinating children as young as 5 years old, and we have no idea on what the long-term health impacts will be. Children have a very low level of risk when it comes to Covid-19, but they may well have a heightened vulnerability to some of the reported adverse effects of the vaccines – including myocarditis, pericarditis, and autoimmune disease. There is no logical justification for vaccinating children with a product that has never undergone long-term study. Does jabbing children really make sense to you? (Wait for her response)

We would like you to talk to Adrian Dix about holding the vaccines back in BC for a few years until we see the repercussions of the vaccine in other jurisdictions. We would like you to ask Adrian Dix to consider other alternative medications. We would like your assurance that you will inform Minister Dean of our desire that the vaccination of children in care should be suspended for at least four years until we know more about long-term impacts.

We are asking that the physical and mental health and well-being of children be given a place of priority when determining the government's response to this pandemic. So far, the well-being of children appears to have been completely ignored. 

My child is 13 years old. He has already been deprived from partaking in numerous opportunities and activities due to mandates that do nothing to protect him.  It is obvious that young children are suffering physically and mentally as a consequence of government measures implemented to check a virus that poses less risk to their lives than the typical flu. We would like your assurance that you will inform Minister Dean of our desire that children be exempt from any-and-all Covid-related mandates. They have suffered enough unnecessary harms already.

We would like your assurance that you will inform Minister Whiteside of our desire that elementary school premises not be allowed to host Covid-19 vaccination clinics. While the "mature minors" clause in the Infants Act allows for vaccinations without parental consent, we do not believe that any elementary-aged children can reasonably be regarded as a "mature minor". Parents are generally in the best position to decide what is in the best interests of their own children, and they should not be circumvented by over-zealous teachers, administrators, or government bureaucrats. We believe that Covid-19 vaccination clinics should be forbidden on elementary school campuses as such clinics increase the risk of young children being vaccinated contrary to the will of their parents/guardians.

We would also like your assurance that you will inform Minister Dean of our concern that minor children should be exempt from wearing masks for reasons of safety and mental health. Very little research has been done into the impact of mask mandates on children, and there is a lot to be concerned about in terms of mental health, the development of communication skills, their impact on social interactions, and their impact on respiration. We have the air in schools tested to ensure that the air quality is not putting children at risk, but we are ignoring the impact these masks are having on the quality of air children are being made to breath. 

In summary: 

The constituents we are hearing from are both vaxxed and unvaxxed. They respect each other's medical decisions and their right to medical privacy. The government is dividing communities and laying the blame for the continued impacts of Covid-19 almost exclusively on unvaxxed taxpayers, and the government is encouraging employers to fire unvaxxed employees.


We would like to open up a conversation with our government concerning all the matters we have raised here today. We would like to hold our government accountable.

So many branches of government at provincial and municipal levels have stopped listening to us.


This meeting is a good step. As our MLA you are our basic line of communication with the provincial government.

Michelle, you may not think as we do, but we were drawing attention to the SOGI 123 curriculum 3 years ago and today much of what were warned about has become reality. Likewise, many of our predictions regarding this pandemic and the effects of Covid-19 measures have come to pass, while so many of the government's assumptions, models and projections have proven to be disastrously wrong.