July 16, 2021
Email Committee on Community Immunity Bill,
Counteract Anti-Vaccine Forces
A Joint Committee on Public Health hearing July 12 on H.2271/S.1517, the Community Immunity Act, lasted 15 hours, until 1 a.m., as anti-vaccine forces turned out in force to oppose this bill and to ridicule and shout down proponents who attempted to support it. We don’t usually ask League members to send emails supporting bills to joint committees, but in this case the committee is being swamped with communications from the anti-vaccine forces and needs to hear from Massachusetts citizens on the other side.

Please send an email now to the joint committee members, email addresses listed below, using the template below or drafting your own.

The Community Immunity Act has nothing to do with the Covid-19 vaccine, does not mandate vaccination, and does not remove the religious exemption to being vaccinated. You can read the League testimony on this bill here. To quote that testimony, “this bill will create a consistent baseline immunization policy across Massachusetts schools, preschools, daycare centers and summer camps. Mandatory reporting will allow for accurate data collection by (the Department of Public Health) that will help identify local gaps in vaccination rates and allow appropriate and effective interventions to reduce vaccine hesitancy and achieve community immunity.”

Here is an email template you can use:

Subject line: Support for Community Immunity Bill, S.1517/H.2271

Dear Chair Comerford, Chair Decker, and Members of the Joint Committee on Public Health: 
As a League of Women Voters member, I strongly support S.1517/H.2271, the Community Immunity Act. As we endeavor to emerge from a global pandemic, I urge you to expediently advance the Community Immunity Act with a favorable report. We know the importance of widespread herd immunity (both localized and statewide) and the need to improve our public health infrastructure. Unfortunately, our current infectious disease prevention provisions leave gaping holes in our public health protections. The Community Immunity Act fixes the holes by creating the statutory immunization infrastructure our Commonwealth needs, without mandating vaccines or striking the religious exemption. 
Please help keep all of us safe and healthy, particularly people who are immunocompromised and rely on community immunity. Take action to report S.1517/H.2271 quickly and favorably out of committee.  
Thank you.
[your full name] 
[your phone number (optional)] 
[complete address – street, city, state, zip] 
Here is the email list for the members of the Joint Committee. Copy and paste it into the "recipients" line of your email.

90 Canal Street, Suite 414, Boston, MA 02114 | 857-452-1715
 lwvma@lwvma.org | www.lwvma.org