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Winter 2022 | Issue No. 35

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From the Editor “Activism is my rent for living on the planet.” ― Alice Walker

No matter how busy you are with your own programs and life, participate in every opportunity to publicize or support mentoring, a loving form of social and economic change. Mentoring includes leadership development, coaching, apprenticeships, and internships in all aspects of life and careers.

ACTION ALERT - Support Youth Mentoring Grant 

Oklahomans can apply for and have received funding from the Youth Mentoring Grant through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Who You, board members, mentors, staff, your friends, associates, et al.

How Click Action Alert.

When Now! Congress will soon make funding decisions.

Why Let our Congress members know we support continued funding of the grant.

Who Benefits Youth in Oklahoma and nationwide

Easy-to-use template and suggested messaging from MENTOR.

For mentoring for all ages...

Materials Shared by MENTOR, the National Mentoring Partnerships - Dates, toolkits, videos...

The Oklahoma Municipal League's Mayors Mentoring Initiative for January. Time remains to contact your mayor. Send a letter, call, or visit again this year.

Mentor4OK Honoring Mentors Application

2022 Mentor4OK Certificate

Extra! Know any eighth graders? An essay contest for eighth grade students If I Were a Mayor Contest, Oklahoma Municipal League, due January 31. Share.

Short Mic Up Mentoring Videos

Carolyn Le

Associate Director

Loveworks Leadership

Norman, Oklahoma

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Character Development, Multiple Forms of Outreach & Ages

Roxanne Bilby

Executive Director

Volunteers for Youth

Rogers County


One-on-One and Group Mentoring Based in Schools and Recovery Groups

Cindy Wilson

PAL+ Program Director

Volunteers for Youth

Strong Leaders through Youth Entrepreneurship
The Early Program, Entrepreneurship Competition
Powerful Programming for Oklahoma Kids
Q&A Mentoring Curricula (and a garden!)
Q&A Mentor Recruitment, Laughter!
Q&A Recruiting College Volunteers

Upcoming Videos Whiz Kids (literacy), ArtSup?! (art), and OK-LSAMP (college STEM)

Resources from Potts Family Foundation

FOCI: Family Support, Preventative Healthcare, Early Learning, High Quality Child Care

Thirty-six participated in the virtual screening of the Resilience, The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope, documentary, 9-28-22. Contact Linda Manaugh for organizing an in- person or virtual screening. Resources from the subsequent moderated discussion.

Self-Healing Communities Initiative Dr. Misty Boyd and Jennifer Jesse on Resilience in First Americans for Native American Heritage Month (November). Resources, including all presentations and handouts: Raising Resilient Oklahomans! (OK) PACEsConnection. Next Raising Resilient Oklahomans: January 26, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

Sarah Steffes, Circle of Care, will lead a book study starting January 18 on What Happened to You? by Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey. Flyer PDF

In late August, the Public Health Institute of Oklahoma announced the 2022 CHIO Certification Launch. Some mentoring programs could participate in the 2022 CHIO Certification Launch. Learn about Oklahoma's system of CHIOs - Community/County Health Improvement Organizations, which provides networking, resources, and funding opportunities for communities/counties that are certified through the Public Health Institute of Oklahoma and the 2022 CHIO certification process. CHIOs can help to address health disparities through cross-sector collaboration. PACES CONNECTION National

PACEs for Children: Overcoming Adversity and Building Resilience, OSU

Lt. Jaffery Develops Mentor Training

Norman Police Department’s Lieutenant Ali Jaffery developed and presented two days of mentor training, certified by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.), for police officers, especially School Resource Officers (SROs). This training covers a wide range of research-based best practices for officers to become more effective mentors. In addition to police officer training, SROs undergo extensive specialized training to work with youth, parents, faculty, staff, and community in school and extracurricular environments. We are so proud of Officer Jaffery’s continuing leadership in police and community mentoring.

“In 1978, Steven A. Novick, an Oklahoma City Legal Aid lawyer, filed a federal court lawsuit against Lloyd Rader, the head of Oklahoma's welfare agency and the most powerful man in the state.” The lawsuit detailed horrific atrocities and conditions. Reality was worse than horror fiction.

At the Oklahoma Institute of Child Advocacy's Fall Conference, authors Terry Smith and Bob Burke with juvenile system survivor and lawsuit plaintiff Laura Choate talked about conditions and the lawsuit. OICA began as an independent watchdog to provide Oklahoma youth services advocacy and oversight. Throwaway Kids

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