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 Nick Malagisi, Chairman, National Self Storage Council

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Acquisitions at the Half Way Mark, just the numbers, Please!  "This Pandemic period continues to be a Seller's Market"

*Closed: Joint Venture, Rockland County

*Closed: Columbus Ohio

* Just Listed! Spartanburg SC

* REIT Stock Performance During the Pandemic

Self Storage Sale Volume down 24% 1st Half of 2020 !


"Acquisitions Trends?" 
by Nick Malagisi, SIOR 

I just listened to and watched the "List Self Storage" virtual session on "Acquisitions Trends".

My "takeaway" from the panel of real estate executives was that it is far too early in this Pandemic period to see any meaningful trends on Cap Rates, acquisition volume ;or even longer term operating results.

Each of the last several years I have moderated a real estate panel at the NYSSA Investment Forum in NYC.  I always start the real estate panel discussion with the top 4 REIT Vice Presidents of real estate and their companies' acquisitions for the prior year compared to the top 15 operators in the US.

Last January's Investment Forum had the benefit of showing the number of properties closed        for 2019 from CoStar including dollar volume; net rentable square feet; and average price per property.......... (click here)  Acquisition Trends


Self Storage Stock Performance REIT, by Hans Hardisty, CCIM.

" As we all know, a few months ago, the markets experienced tremendous volatility.    During the initial stock market downturn, the Self-Storage REITs equally showed they are not immune to investor's unrest or fears of COVID-19. Their stock prices plunged (30%+). However, one could say selling was simply being done indiscriminately - and not based on asset fundamentals.    Following the initial sharp decline in March, the Self-Storage REITSs were also one of the first sectors to rebound. However, they are still down nearly 14% from pre-COVID levels.
As we predicted early on, this decline in stock price increases the REITs' cost of capital and makes it more difficult for them to acquire properties in the short term. It also limits the option for sellers to sell their property in exchange for UPREIT stock, a device which allows sellers to defer capital gain taxes.     "


Closed: Joint Venture with property owner and established self storage developer - Rockland County 


Closed: Value-Add opportunity to acquire established facility in Columbus market with approvals in place to more than double the size of the existing facility.


JUST LISTED! Certificate of Occupancy Joint Venture as owner desires to remain in the deal long term.  Spartanburg, SC - one hour drive to Charlotte 

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Nick Malagisi, SIOR
Chairman, National 
Self Storage Council


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