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Saturn Trine Uranus: 
Acceleration of Purpose
by Mark Borax   
Putney Mountain, Vermont

Through August Saturn forms a 120° angle to Uranus, which astrologers call a trine, the greatest aspect of flow. Saturn = Life Purpose. Uranus = Radical Acceleration. When these planets hook up in a trine, matters regarding life purpose amp up like crazy, because it's the job of Uranus to send lightning into the darkness of obsolete structures, destroying the old while illuminating the new. Which means the structure of your life and the underlying structure of western civilization itself is being electrified to divide the obsolete from the regenerative.

By Christy Lee Rogers
Though it can sometimes seem meaningless, your life has a purpose that is both uniquely specific to you and generic to the species. The generic part that we all share is that you came here to express the love packed into your soul. The personal part is that you have to find your own authentic way to do that, which will put your shoulder to the wheel.

Those of us that have been striving to live our love for decades learn that it's not enough to muster up a garden-variety love. It's not enough to talk love, pay lip service to love, but dig down deep enough to salvage a love that can move mountains, for the challenges of our time repel lesser variations.

My love is taxed to the utmost when I feel blasted by the ignorance of my species and see fools held up as wise ones and lies masquerading as truth. When I see millions of my brothers and sisters turning a blind eye to the suffering perpetuated by the constantly growing corporate greed that is killing the soul of my country. Such moments challenge me to unearth a new layer of my own purpose, which is to paint verbal pictures of how great this place can be when we break out of mass illusion and live our love. Each time I feel overwhelmed by the obstacles to truth and love I sink to my knees in despair until some unexpected kindness, like a prayer of hope and inspiration, lifts me back up on my feet.

By Hikemet
After you died in your last life and before you incarnated into the current one you looked back and reviewed what you'd accomplished, then made some decisions about what you wished to achieve this time around. Those prenatal vows bind your soul to the physical plane, and drive the underlying purpose of your existence. This August as Saturn trines Uranus that purpose is being illuminated in order to remind you of who you are. Personal and world purpose are getting electrified to separate the wheat from the chaff. Down below everything else that you are, who are you? Which seeds do you wish to sprout and what old growth do you need to compost?

If you're having trouble nailing down your purpose, imagine you've been diagnosed with a disease and have a short time to live. From this moment on what things do you wish to let go of and wish to regenerate?

Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?

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