Volume 8, Issue 11 | November 2019
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As November draws to a close, I am reminded that it was four years ago that I moved from Sedona, AZ (a.k.a. Paradise) back down to the Big City. Yep, November 2015 was a crazy time: packing; reserving a move date despite not knowing where I was moving to; searching for a house to rent; Thanksgiving festivities; finding a home; moving; traveling back north to clean the former residence; unpacking in the new residence; AND, starting a new job. Whew!

I never expected to remain in the Big City this long, yearning to live again in a small, rural community. But Spirit obviously has had other plans, so here I am! I visit Sedona fairly regularly, taking in her energy and red rock beauty, the love of friends, and the community at-large. I am so grateful and blessed for the six years I lived there.

In this season of abundance and Thanksgiving, I am clear that what I have in my outer world comes from where I am in my inner world. My abundance comes from within.

I am most grateful for all that shows up in my outer world and I am even more grateful to know that if I want to change my outer circumstances, my outer abundance, I have that ability to do so by being open to understanding myself, examining myself. Choosing to live consciously, being honest and authentic with myself enables me to be in a position to change. Being willing to do so is the first step to eventually actualizing even greater abundance in my life.

Being in gratitude alters one's experience, one's life. No matter what my outer circumstances may be, I can always find blessings and be in gratitude. These days I am grateful for my spiritual community (Unity of Mesa); earning a steady, comfortable income; friends; laughter; music; being of service; good health; and, more.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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My Good Proceeds From Inside Me
A friend was sharing with Alan Cohen about her experience in the Peace Corps. When she first entered, Annie believed that if all the poor people in America had more money, their problems would be solved. As time passed, she realized that what poor people needed was not more money, but more consciousness. They needed to learn how to handle the money they had and not spend any additional funds they received on things like alcohol, gambling, or things that would only hurt them more.

"Money is not the answer; the answer is wisdom, understanding, self-respect, and richer values. ... Each of us manifests not according to external conditions, but according to our consciousness... if we wish to change our external circumstances, we must first change our awareness."
"I live in an abundant universe. My good proceeds from inside me."

- From  A Deep Breath of Life: Daily Inspiration for Heart-Centered Living , (November 16) by Alan Cohen
Spiritual Practice Toolkit

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat have created a toolkit consisting of more than 260 classic and informal spiritual practices. The first thing that you will notice when scanning these lists is that there are many things here that you already do. That's because you are more spiritual than you probably think you are!

  Spiritual practices are not activities to add to your busy schedule or crowded "To Do" list. They are not confined to a special place or time. They are what you do every day. They are how you wake up and come alive to the spiritual reality all around you. Practice is the path we travel on our spiritual journey, so everything we do can be a practice.
Curious? Learn more.
All-Female Biker Crew Delivers Breast Milk to Babies in Need

Julie Bouchet-Horwitz, a nurse practitioner and lactation consultant, opened New York State's very first milk bank with one plain and simple mission: to collect as many donations of breast milk possible, pasteurize the milk, and then donate it to babies in need - especially preemies and sick babies.
According to Bouchet-Horwitz, operations at New York Milk Bank had been going great, at least, in terms of donation and handling. But there was just one little problem: Delivery.
The milk bank's main issue was finding a quick way to deliver donated milk to babies in Manhattan. Being from the Big Apple, I can tell you there is absolutely no quick and easy way to get in and out of The City!
Hear the brilliant idea Bouchet-Horwitz had to address the problem by watching the video below.

Lesbian Motorcycle Club Delivers Breast Milk to Babies in Need | New York Post
Women's Motorcycle Club Delivers Breast Milk to Babies in Need

General Computer Use/Technology
Keyboard Shortcuts for International Characters

From time-to-time, you might need to type a foreign character in Word. Using a combination of keys, you can type accents, tildes, carets, etc.  For example, the word "résumé" -- with an accent over each letter "e" -- is typed by holding the CTRL key down while pressing the " ' " (apostrophe), then typing "e".

Here are some other examples you can type properly by using keyboard shortcuts with international characters:

To view a chart of keyboard shortcuts for international characters using  PCs, click here.

To learn about special characters on your Mac, click here.

Have fun!
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Email Marketingemailmktg
How to Approach Your Email Reports with Confidence 
[Excerpted from a blog post by Miranda Paquet]
If you're sending email out through Constant Contact, you have access to helpful reports that show you how your emails are performing, what's working for you, and where you can improve. 
Here are the five most important areas you should focus on:
  • Opens: You can view the percentage of contacts that opened your email, as well as a specific list of everyone who opened each message.
  • Click-through rate: Your click-through rate shows you how people are actually engaging with the content in your email. You can view which contacts clicked your links, then target them with follow-up emails.
  • Bounce rate: Emails can bounce for a number of reasons, including invalid email addresses, a full inbox, or out-of-office statuses. Keeping an eye on your bounces will help you to remove any addresses with ongoing issues and maintain high deliverability rates.
  • Spam: If an individual on your email list reports your email as unwanted or unsolicited, it will be marked as spam. The best way to ensure a low spam rate is to practice permission-based email marketing.
  • Opt-out: An opt-out occurs when one of your contacts no longer wants to receive your emails and unsubscribes from your list. A few opt-outs are normal from time-to-time, but you should pay attention to this number to make sure your emails are not turning people away often.
Now, think about what these numbers are really telling you...  Here are some common questions you might be tackling, and advice for how your reports can help.   
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When you sign up for a free 60-day trial of Constant Contact, let's work together for an hour gratis and start putting your email together, upload your contacts, etc.
  • No credit card required to sign up for your trial!
  • 60 days to explore all the campaign types and features that Constant Contact has to offer.
  • Create as many campaigns as you want.
  • Try out all the different campaign types available - there's more than just email!
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Website Design and Development websites
Maintaining Your WordPress Website
I've talked about the website as your hub, your home, where you steer people to go to learn the details about you, your work, your organization. Well, as with any home, it requires maintenance. You don't just move your stuff in (add content) and never touch it again. You have to regularly keep things in order, like dusting, emptying the garbage, airing the place out, etc. Otherwise entropy comes in and mucks everything up.

However, instead of having your home smell like mostly-empty pizza boxes housing roaches, hackers come to your website and squat. They insert malicious code in your website and wait for an opportune moment to start causing a ruckus - slowing down or completely disabling your website.
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Trusting you are feeling blessed and in gratitude, on this special day of recognition and always...


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