Are you a documentary filmmaker? Engaged in nonfiction film projects? Join us at an upcoming virtual roundtable discussion to help shape future Above the Line curriculum!

Washington Filmworks has been busy launching initiatives and programs to support our incredible Washington state film workforce. In the fall of 2024, we will serve our second cohort of emerging filmmakers in our Above the Line Education Forum + Mentorship program - this time focused on documentary! We welcome your input as we build the program plan to meet the needs of nonfiction storytellers working in feature or episodic documentary formats.

Please join Director of Workforce Development Audra Laymon in a roundtable discussion, covering: 

What challenges are documentary filmmakers currently facing in Washington State?

✦ What business of film topics need to be covered in the program?

✦ What resources and tools would be most helpful?

✦ How can Washington Filmworks best support documentary filmmakers in advancing their careers?


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