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AVN Newsletter  April 8, 2012  

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AVN Website relaunched!  


AVN Website  

It is with great pleasure and some pride that I am able to announce that the AVN's new website has finally launched! There is still much to do including adding our logo etc. I think websites must be like houses - never actually completed but they get more comfortable the longer you get to 'live in' them!


At this point, less than 1/3 of the vaccination pages have any content and the links are quite bare, but we're working on it.  


If you can think of links to websites - anywhere in the world that should be listed, please go to the appropriate links page and put the suggestions in the comments section.


Our poor blog has been a neglected 'middle child' whilst the work on the website has progressed, but I hope to get back to writing articles for that shortly.


In the meantime, if you are a frustrated writer, researcher, journalist etc who has 5-6 hours per month free to help out with a very exciting new project being started up by the AVN, please contact me ASAP as we have something absolutely fantastic on the back-burner and would love to move it forward.


Please let me know what you think about the website in the comments fields or by emailing me directly - I would love to get your input.


Until next time - Happy Easter and Passover (whichever one you celebrate!).



Vaccination News 
scary needle 
There has been so much happening in the world of vaccination over these last few weeks, it's hard to know where to start! Below is a compilation of some of the top stories on this subject. Remember, you can share this e-newsletter either by forwarding it in your email program or by clicking the share link below.



The Autism incidence now stands at 1 child in 88 - 1 boy in 54 according to the latest information from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


In the State of Utah, that figure tops out at 1 child in 32! And these numbers are calculated on children who were born in the year 2000. Since the rate of autism is increasing at a staggering 12 percent each year, that could mean that today, 1 child in 20 is autistic!


This is an international emergency. Even at the 1 in 88 figure which we know to be conservative, autism affects more children than diabetes, AIDS, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and Downs syndrome combined, yet there is no sense of panic from the government or the medical community. It seems that the only people who are scared of this enormous increase in sick children are the parents of these kids, the natural health practitioners who are at the coalface in helping these families and the few brave souls in the medical community who haven't been cowed by the mainstream attack on doctors who are honest enough link vaccines with autism.


Below is a recent interview with Rebecca Estepp of the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy (EBCALA) on the American Fox News where it was revealed that the only thing these autistic children around the world have in common - since they aren't drinking the same water, eating the same food or breathing the same air - is the vaccines they have all been given. A sobering subject and one which should be better covered by the Australian media since our rate of autism is similar to that in the US.


Estepp on Today Show  

More medical insanity - treating pregnant women to prevent obesity and diabetes in their offspring! 


As reported in the Daily Mail and elsewhere, a new trial is being run, giving pregnant women who are considered to be obese, the drug Metformin, which is a diabetes treatment.


This trial is to determine whether treating the pregnant mother will prevent diabetes in their unborn children and if the study is successful (it is being funded by the drug manufacturer so there is little doubt that the outcome will be positive for the drug), the aim is to treat all pregnant women in the next 5 years.


Of course, since adult-onset diabetes is easily treated and prevented by diet and lifestyle choices and insulin-dependent diabetes is autoimmune in nature, one has to wonder who will actually benefit from these measures - apart from the pharmaceutical company and the medical community, of course.


Independent journalist, Christina England, has also written an excellent overview of this new study, Fetuses bombarded with powerful drugs to prevent 'vaccine induced' obesity


Is the Hep B vaccine bad for children's livers? 


The Hepatitis B vaccine program for newborns, infants and toddlers has always been controversial. Hep B is a blood-borne disease that is not transmitted by casual contact but instead, is passed on through unprotected sex and blood through (for example) sharing of needles by drug addicts. Infants and young children are not at risk of Hep B infection unless one of their parents is infected, but the government 'sold' us this vaccine by stating that the Hep B virus can cause serious liver damage and could, many years down the track, lead to liver cancer.


Well, recent research has shown that the Hep B vaccine itself can cause liver damage via the toxic adjuvant used, aluminium hydroxide - an additive that is contained in many vaccines.


Aluminium is a known neuro-toxin and has been linked with a raft of autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, chronic arthritis, optic neuritis and Alzhiemer's disease.


So instead of preventing liver damage and disease, this 'preventative' may actually be one of the causes.   


 US Government (privately) admits vaccines cause serious reactions 


Institute of Medicine We are always being told that temporal relationships between vaccines and adverse effects don't equal causal relationships. So when parents see their perfectly healthy children become sick or die after shots - and it happens time and time again - it's simply a coincidence.


Yet the Institute of Medicine in the US has just released a new document which you can download for free (and I highly urge you to do so) called Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality, where they clearly state that many of the reactions which we were previously told were coincidental are, in fact, causally related.  


Strangely, this report and its conclusions haven't been reported anywhere in the media that I've seen.   





On the 24th of February, the AVN won its case in the NSW Supreme Court against the HCCC. The judgement stated that the HCCC's decision to both investigate our organisation and to issue a warning against us was Ultra Vires (illegal or outside of their powers). In her decision, Justice Adamson stated that she:

Declare[s] that by reason of the circumstance that neither the McLeod complaint nor the McCaffery complaint was a complaint under the Health Care Complaints Act 1993, the HCCC's investigation into these complaints, the recommendation contained in the Investigation Report and the Public Warning issued by the HCCC in respect of the plaintiff were not within the jurisdiction of the HCCC.

In other words, what we had said from the very beginning - that the complaints were not valid complaints under the HCC Act and the warning issued as a result of that investigation were not valid because the complaints were not valid. We said it from the very beginning, we had advice from several barristers to that effect and it turned out in the end that we were right at a huge cost to both the AVN and the State of NSW.

The HCCC has decided not to appeal this decision which was a huge relief and we have been awarded costs as well so sometime in the next few weeks, we will be reimbursed for the expenses we incurred during this case which were considerable. We will not be reimbursed for any of the expenses we incurred for our case against the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing (OLGR) which is a shame, but hopefully, we will soon have our authority to fundraise reinstated since the OLGR have verified that the HCCC's warning was the sole basis of that revocation. Now that the warning is no more (the HCCC removed it from their website the same day the decision was handed down), we should be granted a charity authority again.

This means that members of the general public will again be able to join the AVN and donate to us. Once our authority has been granted, all current subscribers will be upgraded to members and the website will be adjusted to ensure you get a 10% discount on your purchases. 


Fundraiser was successful! 


A few weeks ago, we asked for donations from our membership in order to tide us over during this period because our funds were running VERY low indeed! We achieved our fundraising goal within less than 48 hours which was extraordinary!

The AVN management committee would like to thank everyone who donated for your support. There has never been a time when we have asked for help that you have not come through for us with flying colours!

Mystery payments 

Several payments have hit our bank account with no identification - one of them is for a professional membership and all it says is Professional membership!

If you have made a payment to us for either a donation, a membership renewal or a subscription and you have NOT received a receipt, please contact me by email at meryl@avn.org.au so I can double-check our records.

It's not too late to give and certainly not too late to renew or subscribe! 

Even though we reached our goal, that doesn't mean that your support won't be gratefully accepted at this time. So if you meant to donate, renew or subscribe but forgot about it, now is a great time to remember! :-)

Don't forget that you are able to set up automatic transfers from your account to ours if you would like to provide ongoing donations to the AVN. Please use the account details below and be sure to leave your name as identification:

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Firstly, I want to sincerely thank everyone who participated in our survey about your satisfaction with the information, frequency and design of this e-newsletter. As I said when the survey announcement was sent out, the AVN has been producing a regular electronic newsletter for well over a decade and in all that time, we have never asked what you thought of it. A huge omission!

If you haven't yet responded, you have until 12 PM tomorrow (AEST) so please put your 2 cents in by clicking  the following link - Enewsletter Survey.

So far, we have had over 450 responses which is phenomenal, and I just wanted to give you a brief rundown on what you've contributed so far - it's all incredibly interesting and gratifying too!

A huge 56% of you always read the newsletter, while 31 percent read it frequently. Most responders - 49.1% want the news delivered monthly (we were sending it out ever 2-3 weeks but I know how busy life can get so we will cut this back to every 4 weeks) with 27% saying it should come out ever 2 weeks and 15.7% saying weekly.

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I personally found it very satisfying that 68% of you found the content to be relevant with a further 23% saying it was somewhat relevant.

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You really didn't care which day of the week or what time of day the newsletter came out which is good to know. You just read it at your own convenience

49% of those who replied to the survey are financial members of the AVN whilst 41% are not. 56% of you subscribe to our fabulous Facebook page (not quite so fabulous since the introduction of the timeline at the beginning of April - show of hands - how many of you out there HATE the timeline?); only 18.5% subscribe to our blog; 7.8% follow us on Twitter, 11.1% belong to our email discussion list, and 4.8% are members of our Vaccination - Respectful Debate list.

All in all, it was a very worthwhile exercise for us to know exactly what you like about this newsletter and what can be improved. I am working my way through your comments and following up where a follow up is needed so thanks once again - it has been great to hear from you all!


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Without Due CareMy husband, Don Mackay, died because of what was done to him in a major Sydney teaching hospital: a wrong and totally unnecessary operation; a lung mistakenly suctioned for 22 hours at 10 times the correct rate; a severe MRSA - golden staph infection inside his lungs; deadly pneumonia and sepsis which developed during the 36 days he spent there.The hundreds of errors and the numerous instances of lack of caring listed in this book are only those I witnessed or discovered during the 12 hours I was with Don each day for just over five nightmarish weeks. Common sense tells me many more must have occurred while I wasn't there. Certainly during the nights Don had tests, was being turned, had body care, had X-rays taken and experienced medical crises. Other events unknown to me also occurred. For my own sanity I believe it is best that I am not able to find out what else happened to him. What I do know will haunt our family for a long time. For me, it will be for the rest of my life.
Price: $ 29.95