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Al Cole
(From CBS Radio)
Arianna Huffington
(The Huffington Post)
Al Cole Promotes You
thru his syndicated show People Of Distinction airing on Apple’s iTunes Radio Network (Professional News/Talk) featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, BBC & C-Span. Al's aired 2,000 shows on Apple!
Al Cole Promotes You thru his media alliance with Arianna Huffington , Founder of The Huffington Post. Arianna has personally invited Al to feature People Of Distinction on her exclusive, cutting-edge Thrive Global Network .
Al Opens Doors For You thru his being a New York Times Best-Selling Author with top book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul , distributed by Simon & Schuster of CBS . Al's aligned with publishers, publicists & agents nationally .
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Including: Sculpting a Powerful 3-Minute CORE MESSAGE to a 30 -Minute Keynote or Interview! MESSAGING with authority to upgrade your MEDIA & BUSINESS EXPOSURE .
They say “ time is money ”. So h ow do you Spend your Professional Time? What do you receive from it? What do you G ain In Value for your Professional Time?
 How to arrange profitable PRE-INTERVIEW & INTRODUCTORY Conferences with Professionals. Learn about putting Professional Agreements together!
Hour Two : Al Cole's Exceptional CONTACT DEVELOPMENT Approach!

Including: Building valuable CONTACTS to PROFESSIONALLY NETWORK & PROFITABLY PARTNER with Leaders . Sparking Associates to become CLIENTELE!
How to PUT IT ALL IN PRACTICE to formulate ongoing WEALTH CREATION . Wealth through Others' Contacts !
Contacts PAYING ALL PARTIES BACK thru Mutually Profitable Agreements.
PLUS: Learn Al's amazing REVERSE TELEMARKETING Technique To Help Optimize Your Market Research!

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